White Water Racing

Past Results:
2014- 6th
2013 - 8th
2012 - DNS
2011 - 5th
2010 - 9th

BUCS White Water Racing is the first event of the season and is held in late November at the Washburn, North Yorkshire. Many of our paddlers are beginners, trying their first taste at competing. We have been performing better in recent years, while having a lot of fun not just at the event but at the parties as well.

Canoe Slalom

Past Results:
2016: 8th
2015: 9th
2014 - 4th
2013 - 3rd
2012 - 5th
2011 - 3rd

The aim of Canoe slalom is to work your way down a white water section moving downstream and upstream through gates. There are penalties for missing or hitting gates and the aim is to get the fastest time possible. Every year we compete at BUCS slalom held in Teeside and it’s always a fantastic weekend and a chance to check out some superb paddling. 


NSR. The three letters that spark excitement in the heart of any kayaker. For the last two years we have attended the National Student Rodeo in Nottingham. This legendary student freestyle extravaganza  allows you to do anything you’ve ever wanted to in/with a boat and a chance to win some amazing prizes. In 2011 Jonny and James won the Duo final and in 2014 Andre and Jon won prizes. Needless to say, there are two massive parties in the evenings, which STAUCC naturally have a big showing at. Would you expect anything less?

Canoe Polo

We compete every year in the BUCS and SUS competitions which are always fantastic events. In 2011 we had our best ever SUS results with the B's making the quarter-finals, the A's making the final and the girls' team winning their category!

We also compete in the Scottish national league, at the moment we have 1 team in division 2 and one team in division 4 hoping to be promoted this year!