Loch Bagging

Continuing from last year's hunger games style re-installation of Loch Bagging. Started by StAUCC in 2010, Loch Bagging was inspired by the Lake Bagging of The University of Bristol’s Expedition Society. This year (2014-15) the infamous intra club competition will begin again.

The Rules

  •  Your body must be completely underwater for a bagging to count. This is worth 1 point.
  •  If you also submerge your head this is worth an extra ½ point.
  •  If you are completely naked when you bag the loch you get an extra point.
  •  If there is ice on the loch or snow on the ground, you get double points.
  •   For a bagging to count there must be witnesses, photographic evidence is preferable!
  •    Each loch can only be counted once- but we will count the highest score from that loch, if you happen to bag it again and get higher points
  • Loch bagging in a drysuit/wetsuit does not count! Swimwear/underwear/nude only! 

Email your results for each trip to canoe@saints-sport.com and we will post them below ASAP.