Kinnessburn Races
On days of great rain, a miserable dribble forms a great mythical run hidden in the depths of  St Andrews...

Great adventurers, I invite you to participate in a race of our local run. This is to encourage everyone to enjoy this more-fun-than-it-should-be river right on our doorstep. With no faff about transport, we can run this river any time- as long as it has rained! This not a set date competition, you go get a time when you can and when river levels allow, you get put in as many times as possible, but do remember to enjoy the river!

When the river looks high, thats good, the limit is if you can fit under the bridges! The lowest bridge is on the short cut from kinnessburn road to south street, upriver of the travelator. If you can fit under there, you're in for a fun time! 

Their is a wonderous guide to the kinnessburn that Kirstie and James made for more info on the actual river but trees are your enemy, and weirs are your boof practice.

The start of race is from the walk bridge on the Lade Brae walk at Hallow Hill(see map) below where a trib meets the kinnessburn. The end is the large road bridge for Abbey Walk/St.Mary's Street. You time yourself honestly and send me the times (ap69).  There will be epic prizes for both men and women handed out at the end of year bonfire!