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posted 10 Mar 2016, 11:51 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!

To help you through exams, we've lined up some things for you to look forward to! 

Mini-Preseason 21st-24th Jan Roy Bridge sauna entry is decided on basis of an important question, but there is no right answer... C or B
All the fun of a normal preseason compacted into 4 days!
Pool sessions, Pinkston and 2 days out west staying in a warm hostel, all subsidised so cheaper than normal trips, but including amazing coaching!
So email Andre at ap69 to get on it!

BUCS SLALOM 2016!- 12th-14th February
This weekend last year, the #styleswylesexperience was formed.. IT IS THE GREATEST
Ladies and Lads- THIS IS THE COMPETITION you have all been waiting for… BUCS SLALOM! Travel down to Teeside, sleep in a double bed and then paddle on a man made course, what could be better! EmailKHad if you are keen (kerh)

Forget about BUCS Slalom this is the superior competition. Save the dates (12-14th) and we will definitely venture to Teeside for some fun, wet kayaking competition! Email KHad (kerh) if you are keen!

NSR 4-6th March

A weekend so epic it is revered amongst student kayakers the country over and the highlights of many ex-members lives. Heading down to Nottingham for an epic freestyle competition with categories from beginner (the less you've been in a boat, the better you'll probably do) up to advanced! If that doesn't tempt you, there is a raging party so epic it puts any sinners to shame. To get involved in the best weekend you'll ever have with the club, give Sam (scl8) a message. 
Watch out for those pesky witches. They are not to be messed with.
PS its much better than BUCS!! 
PPS A video to wet your appetites

Stay keen!