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posted 10 Mar 2016, 11:59 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!

This is one of my last emails, awww, as we have our AGM on the way so if you fancy running for a committee position then get thinking about a speech! As standard we have lots on the go, I hear BUCS polo is great chat.


Ordinary general meeting! 

The current committee will tell you about their roles and what they've been up to over the year. It's a great opportunity to find out more about the different positions you can run for before our AGM next week! There will be lots of opportunity for you to ask the current committee questions about their positions too :) 

Come whether you are thinking for a running for a position or not - chat will be great and we will finish with an incredible flat crawl (hopefully with lots of challenges!)

AGM: 9 March, 19:15, School 1
This is it!! The Big One. Come along and vote on the future of the club - stand for one of our prestigious 'BNIC' committee positions, or grill the candidates with your probing questions...

School 1 will host us for the meeting immediately afterwards. We will be first voting on our BIG NAME CHANGE!! (If you've avoided this chat, well done - more info to follow at the OGM).

Then we get down to it - each candidate is asked for a one minute speech (apart from Captain and Competitions, which is two minutes) to tell us why they'd be great for the job. After a few questions from the audience, we'll vote our favourite in. 

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Everyone should consider a committee position if it's something they are interested in - it's a lot of fun, you're given lots of room to make the role your own - and, of course, you get to be a pretty massive deal in the St A boating scene.. 

Pool Sessions for Everyone!
Missed getting your flatmate to our pool sessions this week? Or enjoyed it so much you want to join us again?
Pool sessions are open to everybody, absolute beginners very welcome! 8.15pm Monday and Tuesday, check facebook for a group walking from market street.

Boys it's your time to step up.. BUCS polo on the 15th- 17th April! We need you!
Message Khad for more details and to sign up

FIRST AID COURSE! 23-24th March 
Be prepared for anything, sign up to our 2 day REC Emergency first aid course running Wed 23 - Thurs 24th March, in the second week of the Easter Break. Hosted by the legendary George Fell this course fills you in on all the basics as well as outdoor and paddle sport specific injuries and situations you may run in to (and it's always good fun). Essential for some qualifications (Level 1, 4* Assessment etc), plus it's a  pretty damn useful skill to have under your belt for everyday life! To sign up, or any questions, email Stratts (ejs21). Places limited so first come first served! 

P in the Loch: Like T in the Park, right?
Let’s go and join our fellow Scots playing polo in Stirling on the 9th April. This is a day tournament and we will be back in St Andrews by early evening! The last time we won some funky kit! Get keen and message KHad (kerh)

Donate your Bra for Charity!!! 
As you have already probably already heard, canoe are doing a bra collection in the hope of giving a pretty significant donation to charity 'Against Breast Cancer'. This is a little reminder for everyone to get raiding through that underwear and get your friends/flat mates/ family involved too. Keep your eye on the fb event for more info on when you can donate and to find out more about the charity we are supporting. Thank you for all the donations we have already received!!

Stay keen!