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posted 15 Jan 2015, 06:18 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!
Another week in St Andrews has gone by, but just because it's almost Christmas we're not winding down. Take a break from revision and come have a bit of fun.  
I really like flying, turning Yaks
Christmas Meal - this Thursday (4th)
A reminder, it's this Thursday, see you all there. 
Kayaker of the Week: Did anyone actually go paddling this week?
Improves Training - this Saturday (6th)
1 Space left for some grade 2, maybe 3 fun/coaching if you want it! Last trip like this was £3 each, bargain prices! Email Andre (ap69) for info and sign up!
Wizard of the week: Patrick, closely followed by Sam
Gnar Trip - this Sunday (7th)
Grade 4 paddlers, uncertain location, certain fun. We'll follow the water, email Andre (ap69) for sign up! 2 spaces!
Lady of the Week: Emily, for being the only fresher girl to turn up to girls day
Winter Trip? : 20th-23rd January

At the moment, there are only 3 of us, last chance to shout if you want to come 

Come to the Xmas meal to see Sarah eat all Jon's dinner - muhahaha

In other news...

Naked Calendar
Please come to the pub on Thursday to pick up your Naked Calendar- £5 for black and white, £10 for colour. If you can’t pick it up at this time email Kathryn (kerh)!

Hopefully it wouldn't be lactosy 

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Sorry there was no goat last week, here is one for this week.And the video at Andre's request.     

Lots of Canoe Love