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posted 12 May 2015, 04:26 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello everyone,

I hope you are enjoying revision week! As well as summer trip to look forward to next year we have PRESEASON and lots of courses to choose!

End of Year Bonfire! : 21st of May

There is no better way to celebrate the end of exams than the bonfire on East Sands.

See the event page on facebook 

The END OF YEAR AWARDS will be given out at the bonfire. You can enter your nominations for the awards by filling in the forms below:

Part 1:

!!!PRESEASON 2015!!! 30th August- 6th September

This is the week of a lifetime...
Every year the AU help us fund a glorious week of coaching, paddling, catching up and above all: FUN!
This week is a must-not-miss, heavily discountedweek of the best kayaking you'll have until you go to the Alps.
To sign up could you please enter your details here and when in the week you can come (you don't even have to come for all of it!)
Everyone is welcome! Beginner, Improverr, Intermediates and Adanced, we'll find something for everyone!
Sunday through Thursday we will return to St Andrews each night, Friday through Sunday we shall be staying out on the west coast.
Don't miss out!!!

Courses and Training

What Courses/Training would you like next year? this section is coming to you from your Dev Officer in the Czech Republic where it is sunny but kayak-less :(
Early to start thinking about it but the best coaches bet booked up quickly!
Every year the Club and AU subsidise courses so you only have to pay 1/3 of the cost! This is incredible and not a deal you could get any other way.
So make use of these as much as possible by taking 5 minutes to fill out this form:


Canoe had a fantastically, amazingly, brilliantly successful night at the Sports Awards Last week (I’m still buzzing)!

We won:
Green Sport Club of the Year
Volunteer Club of the Year
Andre won the Peter McKiernan award for being such a dedicated member of Canoe Club!

Thanks to everyone who has played a big part in Canoe Club this year! Let’s aim for Club of the Year next year!! 

Blast From The Past
GiGnar  form last years preseason

Stay keen St Andrews!