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posted 6 May 2016, 10:19 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!

Getting very close to the end of the semester now and my last few emails for several months!  This one comes as more of an end-of-week summary because I found myself suddenly ill in the middle of this week, so I certainly hope your revision weeks are going better than mine! WHOSE?? :(


Two fine captains of old, Sarah and Hugo, are getting ready for us all to get them very, very wet.  It's the Canoe Club way, after all!

Would be great to see as much club representation there as possible: Sarah's is at 3.20pm on Tuesday 10th outside the entrance to the Scottish Oceans Institute (East Sands, 2 mins from the boatshed), and Hugo's is at 4pm on the 16th at the Sports Hall. GET KEEN!

#BringBackGetKeen #WebAndPublicity

From Sam himself:

SAM'S ETIVE TRIP - Wednesday 18th May 

I'm so excited. Though I'm also sad as Jon Wyles won't be there.
Celebrate the end of exams with a most spectacular trip to the river Etive. For those who don't know, the Etive is kayaking nirvana, full of waterfalls (including the notorious 20ft right angle) and the most spectacular scenery in Scotland. It is guaranteed to make your facebook profile look 200% more badass. Will then hopefully have a play on the Allt a' Chaorainn running rapids called speed, ecstasy, pinball and chasm. If this has got you frothing for some kayaking gnar get in contact with Sam (scl8) and he will get you signed up. It is going to be spectacular and the best trip of the year!!!!!
Had to big my ego up and put one of myself in. #Narcissism #ILoveIt #LookAtThatFace #LookAtThatBody #ThisBoyCan 


The event where awards shall be given out and alcohol consumed in vast quantities beside a bonfire the size of the maths building (and significantly nicer to look at) #shotsfired #PrettyBuildingsOverUsefulDegrees

Awards: please vote for the awards on here, Chloe and Alice will be giving out the awards at the bonfire so please make them good and funny :D

The summer trip will be on the Tay on the 20th - 23rd of May, and if you're coming along be sure to get your £10 deposit in as soon as possible! 

And far in the future, but very very important: PRESEASON!!

Preseason 2016 28th Aug - 4th Sept
A message from Andre 'The Giant' Phillips:
Thank you for the amazing response and keenness from you all!
The weekend 2nd-4th Sept is now FULL! 20 people have signed up but....
more spaces may become available if deposits aren't paid and there is still lots of excellent coaching, training and fun to be had on earlier days,

>>>>>>Very Beginner Friendly!!!<<<<<<<

Sign up here: Wolololo or email ap69 if you're still unsure or would like more information.

And even further in the future, a message from Paddy about LEADERS' TRIP:

Its a long time away, unfortunately not in a galaxy far far away


What is leaders you may ask yourself? Well leaders trip is exactly what it sounds like. Its the weekend before freshers trip, all weekend bants filled with boating, beer and beaters trip. Its an opportunity for people to improve their leading skillage as well as run some rare rivers. 
Why are these rivers rare paddy? 
Well its because traditionally leaders trip involves going to the far north and paddling some cool rivers up there. As always it will be water and people dependent where we head. 
Here's a video of some alumni (plus Dre and Rory as second years), on leaders trip. 
I was surprised there was no dinosaurs, this video is so old

You do need a certain standard to gain the most benefit from leaders trip. Ideally you should feel happy about gr3 water, if you can roll then brill but even if you can attempt it that's dope. Shoot me a question on Fb or by email if you have questions. 

EMAIL Patrick at ps82 if you are interested, at the moment im just gauging interest he gets email in the states you know


Canoe club photos are still ready for collection! 

Ones to be collected and we still have spares!

Note from the Treasurer: the person everyone loves to hate but don't worry I love all of you equally (though booze more equally than others)
Sorry to have to do this but anyone who owes over £60 will not be able to come on anymore trips until their debt is bellow this amount because the club is owed too much money. If this causes any issues please contact me. I will be sending out emails in the next few days to everyone that this applies to. If you have put your deposit down for a trip then you should still be able to go on it so long as you are making visible steps to reduce the amount you owe and you will have to pay upfront for the trip.I'm sorry I've had to do this but no club money means no trips for anyone :'( 

Also same old same old with receipts, if you have receipts lying around that you want to claim then get them into me before you go away for the summer.
TBH I really want to get this years pricing finished and I will go mega crazy (like you haven't seen anything this crazy before, they'll probably lock me away and throw away the key for what I'll do) if any one of you come up to me in september with a receipt for £2.37 from February 10th. You have been warned :p

Also I am sorting out the money for club photos so the money for them will be added to your club debt so you don't have to pay Chloe upfront.

Film quote of the week:

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean people aren't following me...

- Harlan Griffiths, Eight Legged Freaks (2002)

Stay keen!
And get back, you eight-legged freaks!