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posted 15 Jan 2015, 06:10 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!
Yay, all my hoping worked and water arrived. We also have two new committee members, Annie as social and Rhanna for sub-honours. 

Dates: Upcoming Fun 
Intermediate/Advanced Trip 11th Oct, THIS SATURDAY!!
For all you Knar hunters we'll be running a grade 4 trip this Saturday, but to keep the "Private Trip" feel, we'll post up on Canoe St Andrews a few days before when we know where the water is, add Canoe St Andrews as a "Close Friend" on facebook to ensure you get a notification when we post stuff! It'll be first come first served so make sure to keep an eye out! Andre is organising so send any additional questions his way(ap69). If you're not keen, watch the new Substantial video "Hello Darkness", then you'll be keen....

Beginners Trip: Sunday 12th October
This Sunday, we're running another beginners trip. Aberfeldy to Grantully (the second day of the freshers trip). Email ejs21 to sign up and for any questions. 
 Kayaker of the Week: Sophie Barker 
Cambo Estate: Wednesday 15th October
Up for an afternoon of banter epic proportions?  Next Wednesday (15th) we are going to Cambo Estate for an afternoon of helping around the estate. It will be a fun afternoon with a bonfire and maybe even a cheeky naked photo. If that isn’t enough to entice you… there will also bebiscuits and a group meal after for all those keen! We will leave St Andrews just after 1 and will be back again by 5pm.  If you are keen to get out of St Andrews, email Kathryn (kerh). 

White Water Safety and Rescue Course: 1/2 November 
One of the most useful courses you'll do. It's about rescues not getting down a river so you need some experience (e.g the freshers trip). Email Jasmine at jh239 for more information.

In other news...Handling the sesh lessons will be available soon especially for JW and CN
Naked News A
The calendar is well underway so before it gets too cold to get naked…here are some dates for the next few naked photos:
Girl’s Photo: Monday 13th at the Boatshed 7:30am
Boys Photo: Wednesday 15th- Time to be decided (watch facebook updates)
Halloween Photo: 30th October
Please keep an eye on facebook and the weekly email for more details about these photos! If you have anymore naked photos please email them to Kathryn (kerh) as soon as you can!
Gina's weekly escapade makes a return: Unfortunately I broke the shiny new boat and ate Maishia
Club Kit! (SWAG)
If you'd like to grab some awesome kit with "Canoe Club" on it, email Andre (ap69) and let him know which bit(/bits) of kit you'd like, sizeand if you'd like to have your name/nickname added also (see attached kit listing). Having Canoe kit will have your mates in the union asking "do you paddle off waterfalls like these guys"? - (Ordinary Member guaranteed!)

Keep up to date with us by friending us on Facebook (please make us a close friend so you get updates), following us on Twitter, and subscribing to us on YouTube. Our blog has more new updates from preseason. 

Something a bit more hardcore for this week's video and as seen on East Sands.   
Lots of Canoe Love