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posted 10 Mar 2016, 11:49 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!

I hope you are ready to have some fun! We have lots of inside and outside adventures for you to get involved in! 

Batman Film Night - Thursday - 12/11/2015

Instead of the pub session this week we will be having a film night.
The chosen film is an old favourite, Batman (the one with all the animated bangs and that). While watching this there will be an optional game that involves drinking your way through 2l of cider (or a lot of another drink) at specific times based on a couple of rules. Simple stuff but a good time. (For further details and addess email Sam scl8) Last time Sam did this he had a tasty chunder so you might get some sympathy from him if you do the same
FB Event The EGM bit hasn't been decided yet but if really keen email Tim ( for more info.

For those of you who missed out on making the charity Christmas shoe boxes, Annie  will be collecting donations to help pay for the postage at the BATMAN FILM NIGHT on THURSDAY 

Get your Gnar Trousers on this Saturday (grade 4)
Locations undecided, water levels looking good, at least 4 people already going, email Andre (ap69) if you want in!

Every year one of the naked calendar photos is taken in our sponsor pub. So Monday night (16th) after the pub closes the Rule staff have agreed that we can do a wee cheeky photo shoot ;) participation is optional but encouraged :D 
Naked in the pub, that's one off the bucket list

If you are of the green fingered orientation (nothing to do with witch costumes *ahem Sam*) then get in touch with Annie (aaw6) because we will be going to Cambo estate on Wednesday the 18th instead of a sea session to plant some nice trees, burn down some not so nice trees and nail up some houses for birds and bats so they will stop complaining about us cutting their benefits. There may even be a bit of a bonfire and a cheeky photo for the calendar. let Annie know before Wednesday the 11th !!!

PwC Quiz
Its unusual to free money so we may as well make the most of it! 
PwC is running a quiz for clubs in St Andrews. If we win we get £1000 for the club and a free trip to London to take part in the national quiz where we could win £10,000 for the club. Before I get ahead of myself we need to assemble a cracking squad. If you fancy your self as a bit of a quizard then let James (jga3) know. The quiz is general knowledge with a wee bit of financial sector stuff. The quiz is on the 24 November at 1430 so if you were to take part you would need to free then. It usually takes about and hour and a half so don't worry about missing too much revision time. Not that that is usually too much of an issue
You get a free pen as well, well kind of free
Club Day In 28th November, not to be missed! 
A day of fun, games and as much or little to drink as you'd like and lounging about my house.
New to this year: Non-segregation of Guys/Girls day ins, a kayak filled with ice to keep the beers cool, projector screen for mario cart and much more.....
Beers staffs strongly encouraged

Naked Calendar

Every year Canoe produce a fab naked calendar like a more gnarly Calendar Girls for charity. We need more pics, so if you are on a trip make sure you remind whoever is leading the trip to take a naked photo! There is defo no obligation to take part in the nakedness but someone is usually keen. If you would like to buy a calendar there will be an announcement before sale begins which will be before Christmas.


Check out the blog, with 4 newish blog posts! If you want to write a blog after you have been on a trip or Canoe event let me (jga3) know and when your done send me it with pictures and I'll put it up! 

Tasty Bridge - Cheers Dre

​ - Any suggestions for tasty bridges would be welcomed.
                     Thanks Annie for this weeks bridge!
Video - Any suggestions for videos would be welcomed.

Stay keen!