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posted 15 Jan 2015, 06:14 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!
Evening, now I know you were all feeling like there is something missing from your Wednesday. It is probably the weekly email, but do not fear, here it is. I'm sorry it wasn't done for you to read with your afternoon cuppa but it's week 9 and my life is crazy. A nice short email for you this week. 

Adrenaline Ball: This Friday
Last chance to sign up for your dance tickets for adrenaline ball. Get stoked for the biggest canoe social of the semester at scores hotel on 14th November.  Join mountaineering,  cycling, surfing, sub aqua and breakaway for ceilidh and DJ. This is our chance to show off that canoe has best adrenaline junkies in the uni.Speak to Sam or Annie at the sea session or pub on Thursday.

Dance £15  

 Kayaker of the Week: Kathryn Haddick for her virgin run of the K-burn today. 
Lads Day In:  29th November
The day you've all been unaware you've been waiting for...
In a time far past recollection, the Girls decreed they would have a girls trip, banning smelly men from a day of paddling.
In contest to this, men said they'd have their own paddling trip, but everyone was too lazy so a day in the pub was suggested..
Being skint students the plan shifted to a day-long house party, with Aldi beer, drinking games, Age of Empires 2 and.... ROCK BAND....
Not a day to be missed
Click here for the Facebook event
The boys day in will obviously be rubbish because there are no girls: see below
Female Fridays (actually not a Friday) : 29th November

Who know what this in tails - something to rival Tits Deep but with less kayaking. Similar to the Lads day in but with more secret content. Budding Ellen McArthurs should join the event here

I had to keep Jasmine happy some how

Xmas/Winter Trip? : 19th-21st December

The auction for this trip will shortly be closing: email if your keen and join the other elves. 

Jon Wyles is a rubbish elf, but if you want to see him and KHad, go to Irvine, Santa might be there

Naked Calendar

The Naked Calendar is ready (nearly) to be printed! If you want to buy one email Kathryn (kerh)! They will cost £5 for a black and white one or if you want a colour one (which look amazing) they will cost a bit more. Remember all the money will go to Nepal School Trust so you should buy multiple copies..


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