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posted 13 Apr 2016, 11:19 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 13 Apr 2016, 11:20 ]
Hello Everyone!

Time is marching on and the end of the semester fast approacheth, but we've still got some Canoe goodies to keep you sane for the next few weeks :)

Pool Sessions are back on!! \m/

Pool sessions started again last week, and sea sessions are running as normal (and are just generally awesome) so make the most of your paddling time before exams set in!

Speaking of which...


Think you will be bored in revision week? 2 weeks is too much time anyway. Why not come boating on a river trip on a day to be decided and river to be decided but fun definitely decided? Get in touch with Sam if you're keen to come along and we can try to make a time that is good for everyone. NOT A TRIP FOR THOSE WHO ARE ORGANISED WITH THEIR LIVES. (this trip may be oversubscribed...)

This Thursday: KHad's 21st!!!!

Lets celebrate in style at 8:30 with food and alcohol at The Rule! Get keen! :D
Happy Birthday Khad!!!!!!!!!!

Also coming up...

BUCS Polo this weekend!!!  Smack balls or swim trying.

You know who you are! Read Khad's tasty email and make sure you're ready to leave on time.
If you're late you'll be riding to Doncaster on the roof rack with the Polo boats, and I'm told they have really shit chat.

And far in the future, but very very important: PRESEASON!!

Preseason 2016 28th Aug - 4th Sept
A message from Gandalf the Dre:
A day may come, when the Yolo of Canoe fails us, when we forsake our friends swimming and break all bonds of (overly naked) fellowship, but it is not this day.
An hour of faff, and shattered paddles when the Age of Banter comes crashing down,
BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY!             
By all that you hold dear, in this good club, I bid you Sign Up, members of Canoe!

OTHER NEWS: (...what, you wanted something more newsworthy than the goddamn Dr Strange trailer??)

A message from our US Correspondent Patrick Styles:


Who doesn't love going to the gym and looking super fit and cool? 

I have stumbled upon a workout plan that is perfect for us lazy bones kayakers. 
Paddy cant kayak as Williamsburg is flat so has to workout instead. We also have a facebook group that deals with fitness!!
It works arms, shoulders and core, basically all the muscles you need right? Well and some cardio but sssshhh
#sunsoutgunzout #itisamericaafterall #makingcanoegreatagain #letsbuildawall
Love, peace and ice cream

Club photos are now ready to order!
and we look good.

And finally, in a super-secret Stratton scribble: contact Stratts to rendezvous about the potential for naked baking!!

Film quote of the week:

If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious shit.

- Dr. Emmett 'Doc' Brown, Back to the Future (1985)

Stay keen!
This is heavy, Doc...