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posted 28 May 2015, 13:06 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello everyone,

I know its revision but don't forget the pub is still on if you fancy a break. We'll be in the Rule on Mondays (from 945 PM) and Thursdays (from 9 PM) last one on the 18th of May! Also pool is still on every Monday and Tuesday until the 19th of May. Alcohol has been proven to make you more aware of your failings as a human.

STAUCC SOAKINGS 15th of May at 5pm:
Jon Wyles & Gina Weston
(Bring as much water as you can physically carry! Buckets, dry bags, milk containers, wheelie bins are all acceptable- even put your water in the freezer for a few hours- it all adds to the experience) Here is their Facebook event. Keep a look out for more soaking coming up on facebook (I only put this one in because KHad made me!)

Last Pool Session/ STAUCC Rodeo: 19th of May
Our final pool session for the year is on Tuesday 19th. Come along to Madras for a crazy pool session to finish off the year in style! This will be followed by another pub/union/lizard/ sesh starting at the Rule at 9:45pm. Keep a look out for an event on facebook.
Be there, or regret missing one of the best evenings of your LIFE
If you can it would be great if you could bring a wee drop of money to donate to help with the Nepalese earthquake aid effort but its by no means essential. Thank you.

End of Year Bonfire! : 21st of May

There is no better way to celebrate the end of exams than the bonfire on East Sands.

See the event page on facebook 

The END OF YEAR AWARDS will be given out at the bonfire. You can enter your nominations for the awards by filling in the forms below:

Part 1:

Part 2: 

If you can it would be great if you could bring a wee drop of money to donate to help with the Nepalese earthquake aid effort but it is by no means essential. Thank you.

!!!PRESEASON 2015!!! 30th August- 6th September

This is the week of a lifetime...
Every year the AU help us fund a glorious week of coaching, paddling, catching up and above all: FUN!
This week is a must-not-miss, heavily discountedweek of the best kayaking you'll have until you go to the Alps.
To sign up could you please enter your details here and when in the week you can come (you don't even have to come for all of it!)
Everyone is welcome! Beginner, Improverr, Intermediates and Adanced, we'll find something for everyone!
Sunday through Thursday we will return to St Andrews each night, Friday through Sunday we shall be staying out on the west coast.
Don't miss out!!!

Courses and Training

What Courses/Training would you like next year? this section is coming to you from your Dev Officer in the Czech Republic where it is sunny but kayak-less :(
Early to start thinking about it but the best coaches bet booked up quickly!
Every year the Club and AU subsidise courses so you only have to pay 1/3 of the cost! This is incredible and not a deal you could get any other way.
So make use of these as much as possible by taking 5 minutes to fill out this form:

I think that's a good idea - it'd be great if we could help out. We just need to think about where the money could come from. It's a bit too late to think about a separate fundraiser but an idea could be to collect for it at the social next tuesday and the bonfire. Donations very strongly encouraged smile emoticon I reckon we could get a fair wad of dosh and subsidise some if necessary.

Nepalese Earthquake

In light of the earthquakes in Nepal which have greatly effected the local people, at our social after the rodeo next week and at the bonfire we will be collecting donations to help in Nepal. 

Also if you want to help sooner you can donate to Napal schools trust earthquake appeal:

or you can donate to an aid mission via paypal: with the reference QUAKE. You can read about the work of the mission on:

Any money donated would be greatly appreciated in Nepal. Thank you.

Club Debt

If you currently owe the club money (you will have had an email about it) if you wouldn't mind it would be spiffing if you could please pay out treasurer Sam Lloyd (scl8) at a pub session. Feel free to contact him to ask when he'll be there. If all the debt is sorted out before the holidays it makes Sam's life a jolly lot easier.

Club Photos!

This week is the last call to get your hands on some beautiful A3 colour photies of all your favourite beautiful people! A mere £2 a pop.
Check out the link to check it out :)  

Blast From The Past
GiGnar  form last years preseason hopefully it works this week!

Stay keen if you can, if not good luck with exams!