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posted 15 Jan 2015, 06:20 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!
Happy New Year, as the holidays are almost over there are a number of things which will hopefully be of interest. Including Burns Night and Cheap Coaching! 

Information about current sessions
As you will all be aware, we were unable to have pool sessions last semester due to the lack of a lifeguard at the pool. Although this is still not sorted, we are currently taking with the AU about trying to get a regular session sorted (possibly even just a communal gym session) so keep looking on these emails and our facebook for the latest information. Whilst we're waiting, we do still have our sea session on Wednesday at 2pm at out boatshed at East Sands, and pub sessions on Mondays and Thursdays from 9pm at the Rule, so please come along to those!
Turns out twister is 'sex in a box'
Burns Night : 25th January
The famous Scottish occasion involving animal insides and poetry is almost upon us. Our lovely social secs have organised an evening of banter for all. All in honor of a certain poet (Shakespeare right?). Join the event here and bring your own plate and fork and £5 to cover food. 

Calling all Beginners : 31st January
If you are keen to get out on the water we'll be running a short beginners trip on the first Saturday of semester (31st Jan). A perfect opportunity to give the river a test if you've not been along on a trip before, or if you want to try and remeber how to paddle after too much turkey. For you're interested email Sarah (sjm33). 

Scottish Unis (SSS) Canoe Polo : 6th-7th February
Starting Friday evening at Pinkston Watersports in Glasgow- one of the best Polo tournaments of the year- competing against other unis from across Scotland. Hosted by Glasgow Uni, we stay the night with members of their club for a great night out on Friday with all the other Scottish Unis. Ideal for anyone interested in polo (beginners welcome), or improving inter club relations...! More polo on the Saturday and a Ceilidh (and maybe even second night out) to follow! Get keen, and email Stratts (ejs21) for info or to sign up
Stratts owes me chocolate for this and division polo
BUCS Slalom 2015! : 14th-15th February
Possibly the biggest and best competition of the year (it's my favourite anyway!). We head down to the Tees Barrage and complete runs of the artificial course aiming to get gates (sometimes just the ones that are conveniently in front of you...) and get down the course as quickly as possible! Runs last under 3 minutes and you can have a safety boater with you, as well as copious on the bank safety, and a team of excited paddlers running alongside the course with a megaphone, so a great opportunity for almost all abilities to try out slalom grade 2/3 white water in a safe environment! We will be staying in a warm, dry travelodge (so sophisticated)- the best night's sleep you will ever get on a kayak trip! What's more, it's a really cheap weekend away as we massively subsidise costs, hurrah! Email Stratts (ejs21) to find out why you should totally come, or to sign up. Need to sign up A.S.A.P by Sunday!

SCA Conference : 18-19th April (CHEAP COACHING)
Leaving 17th in the afternoon, returning 19th in the eve 

On the 18-19th April the SCA are running a weekend of cheap coaching with the best guys in the buisness at Glenmore Lodge.

We are doing the 3 day residential option as we are getting 2/3 prices funded by the club leaving you lot with only 1/3 prices making it £35 once the money has been reimbursed by the AU!! 

The courses running are found on this link however WW coaching and WW skills are full..theyre is open canoe, WW, SUP, first aid, sea kayak, freestyle, womens specific coaching, FSRT plus many more!
Make sure that you pick a Friday night workshop and either a two day course or two one day workshops as we are there for sat and sun. COURSE PRICES, ACCOMODATION AND FOOD ARE ALL INCLUDED IN THE £35. 

Spaces are limited as its a public event so I cannot guarantee there is residential space left when you come to best to do it ASAP to make sure..
.nb. you need to be a full SCA member, plenty of time to become one here
If you are interested then
1. email Jasmine on jh239
2. go to this link , select 3 day residential and then pick the courses you want to do on Friday, Saturday and will have  to pay full price and then later on the AU will reimburse the money 
3.confirm with me once you've done this.
Glenmore Lodge holds the world record for numbers of types of tea at an outdoor centre
Outdoor pool session possibility - Wednesdays, 2pm
As we don't have a pool, it's harder to teach some techniques such as bracing and rolling, where it can be helpful to have someone stand beside you to bring you back up if you capsize. If people would be keen, Sarah would be happy to run a few pool sessions at the castle sands "outdoor pool", probably at the normal sea session time (Wednesday, 2pm). It'll be cold and would be a bit of a walk/paddle from the boatshed but might be worth it if people are really keen to practice some skills and don't feel confident on rivers or normal sea sessions. Let her know (sjm33) whether it's something anyone would be keen to do. 

In other news... until yesterday my brother though currants were a vegetable

New Blogs
A number of new blogs are up. Happy reading. Anyone is in the process of writing please send it over once completed (looking at you Stratts). If you would like to write a blog please email Gina (gkw2)
Jon Wyles and Bananas are both clever

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So many goats! And an interesting video from Aberdeen. 

Thanks to Sam for that one

That's all for now. 

Lots of Canoe Love