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posted 10 Mar 2016, 11:45 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!

Congratulations to our new committee members: Grace - our new freshers rep - and Tim - our new Social and Fundraising Convenor - they were elected at last week's EGM. Well done to all those who ran at the EGM - there is certainly a lot of enthusiasm within the club!  We have lots to be enthusiastic about over the horizon line

BUCS Wild Water Racing (WWR)!
This my friends, is the ULTIMATE competition of semester 1. On the 21st we travel to Blubberhouses in England and spend the weekend racing down a river, partying and having a flipping good time with all other UK unis.
This competition is PERFECT for beginners, and to be honest it is one of the best weekends to get those good ol’ canoe stories the older years constantly bang on about! For more information and to sign up please email KHad (kerh)! This is NOT a weekend to be missed! Last year kathryn had to sleep in a double bed with a German she met an hour before 
SSS Slalom
On the 14th of November we will be heading to Dundee to take part in a slalom competition… IN A SWIMMING POOL! Again this competition is perfect for everyone and will be followed by a night out in DUNDEE!! Get keen and email KHad to sign up (kerh)!
Our favourite pizza delivery man even pooed in a bush
We cannot use the pool for the next two weeks so the next pool session will be on Monday 26th of October. Sorry for the inconvenience but we use the pool of the school and the school is on school holidays for the next two weeks.
(Not so)Fun fact: Fife school holidays in October last two weeks so the children can partake in tattie howking or harvesting potatoes 
A blowfly goes into a bar and asks: "Is that stool taken?"
Last coaching chance this semester!

4 Star Training 31st/1st Oct/Nov grade 2/3 personal paddling skills and leading others down rivers, awesome confidence booster! Please email Andre (ap69) for more info or to sign up.
Why did Erwin Schrödinger, Paul Dirac and Wolfgang Pauli work in very small garages? Because they were quantum mechanics. 
Kinnessburn Sweep and Clean a.k.a. Canoe Club Polishes Shit #webroughtbackthecain
Tuesday and Wednesday next week, Canoe Club, with a little help from some friends in Surf club are going to be litter-sweeping the "k-burn"
All you need is wellies, ideally some washing up gloves and a keenest to help make our river more pleasant to walk along and kayak!
We'll have two sessions both meeting at the boat shed:
Tuesday 20th at 1pm
Wednesday 21st at 2pm
Warm clothes recommended, we will be working in the river! If you have a drysuit/dry trousers bring them along!
Any questions fire away at Andre (ap69)

Stay Up to Date:
To stay up to date with all canoe happenings make sure you have your notifications turned on for the Facebook group. The button to do this is found at the bottom right corner of the cover photo! PRESS THE BUTTON

Fundraising Calendar

We are creating a fundraising calendar to raise money for the club and we would appreciate it if you have any kayaking pictures could you please send them to Sam (scl8). The kinds of pictures that would be ideal would be scenic shots, kayaking action shots, gnar, or interesting compositions of your own creation. Imagine the sort of thing a relative would want on their wall!

Tasty Bridge - Any suggestions for tasty bridges would be welcomed.

Video - Any suggestions for videos would be welcomed.

Stay keen!