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posted 15 Jan 2015, 06:11 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!
Hope you are all feeling well and fully recovered from freshers flu. I've got all the usual things for you this week, along with some extra excitement. 

Dates: Upcoming Fun 
Cambo Estate: Today!
Afternoon of outdoor work, fun and maybe even a cheeky naked photo. Dinner afterwards at Sarah and Nathalie's. Meeting at the boatshed at 1.15pm. Bring a coat and wellies.  
 Kayaker of the Week: Jon Harwell, who I fear may never take a normal boat down the Nesk again.J
Sea Adventure! : This Saturday (18th)
Come along to the boatshed at 11am this Saturday with some lunch and a drink and we'lll go for a paddle along the coast! We'll not be going too far - it'll probably be about 1-1.5 hours paddle depending on how long we faff around. We'll stop off on a beach, have lunch, and take a naked photo (optional). Suitable for everyone - it'll be super chilled and very sociable. Bring thermals in case it gets cold and please email Sarah (sjm33) if you're interested so that she has a rough idea of numbers. Activities weather dependent. 

Paddle Show and Stanley Trip : 25th October
A trip to the paddle roadshow at Perth followed by a short beginners trip on Stanley. For those of you who don't know about Paddle, it;s a big hall of shiny kit, talks from epic adventurers and a great chance to equip yourself with kit. EmailSam (scl8) if your interested. 

1st Big Competition: BUCS WWR! 21st-23rd November
Get keen for one of the best weekends on the StAUCC Calendar- BUCS Wild Water Racing! Open to Pros and Beginners alike this is a great weekend spent paddling the River Washburn in Yorkshire. The river is mostly Grade 2, and the aim is to race to the finish in the fastest time possible. This is a great intro into the world of competitions, and just completing the course  will get us one point, which all add up! email Stratts (ejs21) if you're keen, or  for questions. This is also one of the cheapest weekends away, as our BUCS events are super subsidised! Want to know what happened last year, here's the blog. 

In other news...How many carrots have lit up in the garden?
Sticker Carnage!
If you bought one of our delightful waterproof stickers get it on your kit pronto and get some badass photos of yourself in your kit with said stickers. The company are looking for some photographs for the website and obviously we want to look as cool as ever. Send any photos to Claire on cm286.

Also contact Claire, if you ordered a sticker but haven't picked it up yet. They're so cool everyone wants them and your order may be sold if Claire thinks you've abandoned it. 
Gina's weekly escapade: apparently the toastie bar has magic water?

Grumpy gear officer again.
Please wash boats and kit after use in the sea. Hang up your kit, it means it will be drier for the next person to use it. We all hate putting wet neoprene on!

Club Kit! (SWAG)
If you'd like to grab some awesome kit to identify yourself with our club, email Andre (ap69) and let him know which bit(/bits) of kit you'd like, size and if you'd like to have your name/nickname added also (see attached kit listing for cost and options). Last Chance! Order being made soon!

Treasurer Fun
Wyles will be at the next few pub sessions for you all to pay trip fees and give him receipts. If you have any receipts could you get them to him ASAP please. Any questions - jw200
Well this is getting a bit long
Cheap kit on offer!
Sports Direct currently have lots of useful things on offer - waterproof phone pouches for just £4.50. (,Neoprene socks, if anyone is interested? Keep your feet warmer in wetsuit boots, or are great for wearing during polo so the boat doesn't grate on your feet! Cheaper than even the Lomo ones at £4! ( Stratts (ejs21) is buying some tomorrow, so if you'd like something, let her know the size before midday tomorrow and you can split postage? 

Keep up to date with us by friending us on Facebook (please make us a close friend so you get updates), following us on Twitter, and subscribing to us on YouTube. If you haven't caught up with our blog, yet you should. I'm also looking for new blog writes.  

Just a couple of cute goat twins this week and  what JJ is used to running, what JJ runs in Scotland. 

Lots of Canoe Love