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posted 10 Mar 2016, 11:49 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!

Make the most of your time while not in the library by having fun with Canoe!
I've got a new phone number text me on: 07594660876! 

CAMBO! - No Sea Session Today

I'm afraid you read that correctly folks; due to a lack of leaders and some particularly miz. weather, there will be no sea session this afternoon. 

BUT - there is some good news! The reason for a lack of leaders is a very legitimate one, as today we are going instead to the Cambo Estate, just a few miles down the coast from St Andrews, to plant trees, cut down other trees, and put up bird boxes!

Good! Because you can join too - simply fb message one Annie Armstrong so she knows how many people are keen, and come along to the boatshed for 2 as usual.

PwC Quiz
Its unusual to free money so we may as well make the most of it! 
PwC is running a quiz for clubs in St Andrews. If we win we get £1000 for the club and a free trip to London to take part in the national quiz where we could win £10,000 for the club. Before I get ahead of myself we need to assemble a cracking squad. If you fancy your self as a bit of a quizard then let James (jga3) know. The quiz is general knowledge with a wee bit of financial sector stuff. The quiz is on the 24 November at 1430 until 1630 so if you were to take part you would need to free then.
You get a free pen as well, well kind of free
Club Day In 28th November, not to be missed! 
Its like a house party, but also like a duvet day, but also like a board gaming convention, with alcohol.
But the alcohol, its more like a marathon, not a sprint, we don't get drunk, we get tipsy and happy for the whole day :)
Its so good its like nothing thats ever been described so badly in the history of the spoken word.
Please send any cries of joy at this news to Andre (ap69), ideas for how to increase the party level above 9000 are also warmly welcomed!

Trip Fees

Please can any outstanding trip fees be paid before the end of term, you should have had an email if you owe anything. Else you may end up on the not so mighty wall of shame. Contact Sam (scl8) if you have any questions.
Happy Birthday Sam!     
Email Annie (aaw6) if you want to get a hold of a sexy beater with the STAUCC logo on the front :) they are £10, white (tie-dyeable) and come in various sizes for mens and womens, there will only be 30 of them so get in quick or you will miss out !! All the money raised will be going to the Multiple Sclerosis Society Scotland :) 
(I thought I'd better explain what a beater was)
Level 1 Coaching Course next semester
If you're interested at all at learning how to coach others (and yourself), please email Andre at ap69.
This is not a binding contract, just an expression of interest.
Level 1 is a very basic coaching level but provides an amazing range of methods of coaching.
This is one of our development courses so is subsidised, you'll find it nowhere cheaper!

Tasty Bridge - See the end - Cheers Dre and Sam

Video - Any suggestions for videos would be welcomed.

Stay keen!