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posted 10 Mar 2016, 11:46 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a good raisin and you are not still hungover! Kayaking is the ultimate hangover cure so I am told. 

Operation Christmas Child - 25 of October

Come help your fellow canoeists get together some small gifts into shoeboxes to send away as part of Operation Christmas Child. All you need to do is turn up to Carolyn and Claire's house with either a couple of pounds or a few items to put into the shoeboxes (or both if you are super keen). More information can be found on the event. This event will also be a PUDDING PARTY so get ready to get your sweet tooth on.

BUCS Wild Water Racing (WWR)!
This my friends, is the ULTIMATE competition of semester 1. On the 21st of November we travel to Blubberhouses in England and spend the weekend racing down a river, partying and having a flipping good time with all other UK unis.
This competition is PERFECT for beginners, and to be honest it is one of the best weekends to get those good ol’ canoe stories the older years constantly bang on about! For more information and to sign up please email KHad (kerh)! This is NOT a weekend to be missed! Last year kathryn had to sleep in a double bed with a German she met an hour before #whathappensatbucsstaysatbucs
SSS Slalom
On the 14th of November we will be heading to Dundee to take part in a slalom competition… IN A SWIMMING POOL! Again this competition is perfect for everyone and will be followed by a night out in DUNDEE!! Get keen and email KHad to sign up (kerh)!
Our favourite pizza delivery man even pooed in a bush
We cannot use the pool for the next two weeks so the next pool session will be on Monday 26th of October. Sorry for the inconvenience but we use the pool of the school and the school is on school holidays for the next two weeks.

Last coaching chance this semester!

There is still one space on the last development course of the year: 4 Star training 31st/1st Oct/Nov! Fun Fact: the Canoe Club family tree is more complex than the human brain
This is for grade 2/3 paddlers and will improve your skills and teach you how to lead others down the river, essential for budding leaders or just those who want to get better!
Email Andre (ap69) for more information or just banter
Did you know that our captain spent yesterday afternoon walking through shit on his own? Don't let him be lonely again!
Want to drive for Canoe club?
If you fancy getting all the perks that come with being a driver for canoe club, please go to the sports centre with your card licence and the DVLA counterpart from the website as soon as possible to sign up for a test! If you have any more questions about this email KHad (kerh)
Drivers get first dibs on summer trip! It is the only perk- Kathryn lied…
Tasty Bridge - Any suggestions for tasty bridges would be welcomed.
                     Thanks Annie for this weeks bridge!
Video - Any suggestions for videos would be welcomed.

Stay keen!