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posted 10 Mar 2016, 11:50 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!

Don't panic about exams. Party with Canoe instead!

Club Day In 28th November, not to be missed! 
Its like a house party, but also like a duvet day, but also like a board gaming convention, with alcohol.
But the alcohol, its more like a marathon, not a sprint, we don't get drunk, we get tipsy and happy for the whole day :)
Its so good its like nothing that's ever been described so badly in the history of the spoken word.
Please send any cries of joy at this news to Andre (ap69), ideas for how to increase the party level above 9000 are also warmly welcomed!

This weekend last year, the #styleswylesexperience was formed.. IT IS THE GREATEST
Ladies and Lads- THIS IS THE COMPETITION. Forget about BUCS WWR for Slalom is the superior competition. Save the dates (12-14th) and we will definitely venture to Teeside for some fun, wet kayaking competition! Email KHad (kerh) if you are keen!This is better than bucs and you all get to sleep in a double bed- seriously, we will be staying in a travelodge
KHad is looking forward to club day in drinking gin in her giraffe onesie holding Hugo (her hugo),

Naked Calendars
The naked calendars are here! See if your picture made to cut or gaze in an awe at some of the fabulous photos. Ideal Christmas presents for friends and family. They are £10 for a colour and £5 for black and white. They might be ready for club day in else will be sold at socials. All money raised goes to Multiple Sclerosis Society Scotland! 

Email Annie (aaw6) if you want to get a hold of a sexy beater with the STAUCC logo on the front :) they are £10, white (tie-dyeable) and come in various sizes for mens and womens, there will only be 30 of them so get in quick or you will miss out !! All the money raised will be going to the Multiple Sclerosis Society Scotland :) 
You can get yours at club day in so bring your cash if you fancy one!
(I thought I'd better explain what a beater was)

Video - Any suggestions for videos would be welcomed.

Stay keen!