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posted 15 Jan 2015, 06:17 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!
Good afternoon, do not fret your weekly mail is here, if a little late. I had a rather odd day yesterday, the picture diary can be found here. Hope everyone is recovering well from vengaboys!  

Club Days in - 29th Novemeber (Saturday)
Lads and Ladies... The best days of the year, don't forget.
Girls - dress comfy, Annie's at 10am, Boys - Turn up, plays games, go to cave. 
 Kayaker of the Week: Dietrich for an amazing performance at WWR
The Trip of What you Want -  6th/7th Dec
So far only two people have asked for a trip, so I'll likely run some intermediate training with them on the 6th on grade 3 with an Advanced Trip on the 7th.
Let me know if you'd be interested in either before this Friday (28th) midday.

Christmas Meal - 4th December
SAM NEEDS MONEY AND MENY CHOICES TODAY! Wish your fellow canoe comrades a very merry Christmas and goodbye for the break at the Christmas meal. Food, drink and jollymentwill be available at the Rule on 4th December. A bargain secretly dealt at the rule has given us a super price of £14 for 3 course Christmas meal. Speak to Sam to book a place or find out more. Facebook eventhere.
Just to confirm I am not a stripper, but I do have chillis in my bed. 
Winter Trip? : 20th-23rd January

2 day trip of what ever people feel up to in cold weather. Staying in a hostel, so no camping. Email Gina (gkw2) if you want to know more.   

Fry up is the best. Especially bacon. 

Naked Calendar
Naked Calendars have now been printed, they are lovely and available from Kathryn (kerh) 

I never knew sausages have foreskins

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No goats this week, a visit to Sarah's farm, prompted a pig picture. Val Sesia Man Voyage Film by Harwell for the video this week. Look out for Rory's luscious locks.   

Lots of Canoe Love