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posted 6 Apr 2016, 12:36 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!

Welcome back, hope you all had a super-solid Spring Break; we've got a double-strength Weekly Email for you this time round by the combined talents of James and Jamie - who could ask for more eh? ;)
As the weather gets better and better we've got plenty of tasty paddling goodness to distract from those unimportant lectures and tutorials coming up - take a peek! (people will even start coming to Sea sessions again at some point!)

Aqua ball launch event: Thursday 31st March

8pm Rascals Thursday 
Buy tickets and play some drinking games with other aqua clubs.
£35 ticket for dinner and dance

Aqua ball: 8th April
Hopefully no midnight road-trips to Ninewells at this one!
The Aqua Ball is the greatest annual coming together of water related sports clubs at the University of St Andrews!
dine, we dance, we dance in a different style, then we go skinny dipping.
Join the event to keep up with all the latest patter about things such as menu, theme, and tickets.
Contact Canoe or one of the hosts if you represent a watery club who want to get involved, everyone's welcome.

How does Moses make tea? 
He brews it
NO POOL for next two weeks; back on the 11th April!


Stay keen!

Jamie and James