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posted 2 Oct 2015, 09:43 by Canoe St Andrews
Hello Everyone!

To those on the freshers trip I hope you had a lovely time. I hope you had a lovely day today in the sun kayaking or not. Either way we have pre-drinks tonight and plenty coming up on the horizon.

Canoe Tribal Social Tonight from 8pm 

Following our fantastic freshers trip weekend we're here with the next big event for Staucc, tribal social. Dress up in boardies and BAs and head on to the castle where people will be eagerly waiting to add tribal war paint, representative of Staucc. Get keen. For details of address message the fb group.

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) - We need a fresher's rep! Elections at Pub Session NEXT THURSDAY (8/10/15)

We are looking for a new Fresher's Rep to join our committee. As fresher's rep you will be the main link between all new members of the club and the committee. You will make yourself known to all of our lovely canoe fresher's, make sure they are all happy with the way the club is running and bring up any concerns at committee meetings. Election's will be held at our pub session on Thursday so make sure that you are there to run/vote for this year's rep! To run all you have to do is give a 2 minute speech on why we should vote for you.

Medical Form
If you are new to the club or have never filled in the medical form it is essential that you please do so, it helps us keep everyone healthy and happy on trips. The link can be found here. Thanks! 


To come on any trip you must first become a member of the club. 

The membership is £30 with £5 off your first trip.

In addition to join and St Andrews University sports club you need either Fitness+ membership which giver access to all sports facilities or club membership which gives access just to club sessions. Fitness+ is £120 for the year and Club membership is £46 

You buy this on the athletic union website:

If you have any questions about membership chat to us at our socials or email

Become (even more) awesome at Kayaking!

This semester's courses are now booked and ready for keen beans to sign up!
All you need to do is email Andre (ap69) and he'll give you more information and book you onto the course. 
All courses are subsidised by us and the AU so you only have to pay 1/3 of the normal cost, an absolute bargain!!!!
10th/11th Oct Improver Training (grade 3) with Chris Dickinson, professional coach!
24th/25th Oct White Water Safety and Rescue (grade 2/3 safety skills and confidence booster!) This is basically essential for all WW paddlers!
31st/1st Oct/Nov 4 Star Training (grade 2/3and leading skills)
again if you have any questions please chat to Andre, he'll be at most events! Also please fill out this form so he can know what you want for courses!

Kinnessburn Sweep 

Get your green hands muddy as we clear up our beloved local river. 
This will not only help keep the river cleaner, but also improve it for when we paddle it when the rains come!
Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard that right, the Kinnessburn can be paddled! And we want to make it more fun for everyone so if you're willing to help out send Andre (ap69) an email and we'll sort a date we can all make. Drysuits/ drytrousers required but you may be able to borrow some.
Reward for those that help out! Reward is a tasty meal cooked by none other than Andre, the well known french chef...
Proof that it has been run: 

Coaches, we need you!
Freshers trip was an unbelievable success, with everyone improving at an incredible rate (well done leaders!),
We are going to do more amazing coaching throughout the year so if you'd like to improve your coaching email Andre (ap69).
This will be a very informal, relaxed but amazing use of your time. We'll come up with a plan with what you'll coach for 10-20mins at a time, I'll observe your fantastic coaching and try and find coaching tips that could improve your teaching skills! This can be at Pool/Sea/on river trips. Simples!

2 Star Canoe & Kayak for Free*! 
*(well, almost, a £5 admin fee, nothing is every 100% free sorry...)

Our old man Dre can give you a 2 Star award on the cheap, so lets make use of him!
2 Star is the absolute basic in all the qualifications that are useful to us. Basic forwards, backwards, turning strokes are all required and on flatwater! (no rolling!)
Heres the twist, you need to be as good in a canoe as we all know you are in a kayak!
This qualification is required if you want to do any coaching qualifications next semester so let Andre (ap69) know if you'd like to do this easy cheap qualification.
The sessions will be held on Wednesday sea sessions, so not extra costs, just a request, if you are able to do so, to donate £10 to the club development fund to help fund future courses (which you'll likely end up on!)

Charity Naked Calender!!!!! (.)(.)
It's that time of year again! When canoe club gets their bums, tums and other assorted wobbly bits out to raise some cash for charity. We need a photo for each month (that's 12 by the way) so keep an eye out on the Facebook group for info about photos coming up, also if you fancy taking any yourselves on trips then send them to Annie (aaw6). there is a COMPETITION for the front and back cover ! Woooo nakedness !!!!

Tasty Bridge (Sam wanted this one again to get the best aspect of the bridge)

Goat (back by popular demand)

Goat on bridge (just for you Gina)

Stay keen!