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Still hungover? Here's this week's weekly email. - 31/10/12

posted 6 Nov 2012, 11:34 by Canoe St Andrews
Hi everybody!
Hope you all had epic raisin weekends and are finally rid of hangovers. Luckily there was minimal vomming. LOL jk, who am I kidding.  
Dates for your Diary
Sunday 4th November - Advanced trip
'Rad' advanced trip organised by Rory Munro. Email rm82 for chat and maybe more.

Monday 5th November - Pool Rodeo
StAUCC Rodeo taking place at the pool session at 7:45pm on Monday. Find out more from the facebook event. Followed by:
EGM and Pudding Party
After the pool session, head to Rascals for our EGM, and bring puddings, cakes etc. At the EGM we will be electing a sub-honours rep, who represents everyone in the club in first and second year, and deals with any issues or queries they may have. 

Saturday 10th November - SSS Slalom
One of the most awesome competitions of the year! In a nice warm pool we'll be competing for some of the best prizes this world has ever seen, categories include men, women, freshers and topo duo teams!!! Last year Amy won the women's category and Jon and Tim came 2nd and 3rd in the Freshers' category. Talk to Camille in the pub if you're interested or email (ch663). Epic night out afterwards for all of our newly crowned slalom champions.

Sunday 11th November - Intermediate(ish) Trip
Jon Wyles is organising a trip to the Ericht, which will be good fun, and you should all come along. Email jw200 to express an interest, or speak to him in Rascals tomorrow. Priority to good looking people.

In other news... I wonder if a certain someone will have any issues with my email this week...
Trip of a lifetime to Uganda
Calum Strong from our good friends Edinburgh Canoe Club is organising an epic trip to kayak in Uganda. More information here.

Club kit from sinners
If anyone has any BAs etc lying around that belong to the club and have been borrowed for sinners sports and abandoned when you did a walk of shame in the morning, get them back to us please. They cost a fair amount and we can't keep losing them. We will have to stop lending them out for sinners if they vanish.
Jon's weekly escapade update: He continues his schweffing crusade, stayed remarkably sober at Raisin, and witnessed Rory trying on female trousers in H&M. To be continued...
That's all for this week. Today's Cat Picture of the Week sent in by Micah Snell, of St Andrews, Fife.
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Love as always (especially for Hugo)