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Weekly Email! 02/10/13

posted 1 Jan 2014, 09:41 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 1 Jan 2014, 09:41 ]
Afternoon everyone! I hope everyone who came enjoyed the freshers' trip this weekend! We have lots more trips coming up and other activities that you can get involved with in the next few weeks. Have a read of what's going on and then email the person organising it/chat to them at the pub!

Dates for your diary:
Naked Photo - Wednesday 9th October, 1.30pm
For those of you who don't know, each year Canoe Club makes a naked calendar for charity. This year we are raising money for RNLI. Come down to the boat shed before the sea session on Wednesday at 1.30pm to get naked! We'll use some of the props from the boat shed and will hopefully have a great time too! Let Gina know (gkw2) if you're going to be coming and have a camera that can be used. 
The girls had a lovely (if a bit chilly) naked photoshoot this morning. Plus Rory...
Advanced Trip - Saturday 12th October
Work got you down? Sick of staring at a computer all day and reading silly macho adverts about advanced trips instead of actually going kayaking? Sounds like you're in need of an adrenaline fuelled advanced trip of carnage and testosterone poisoning to get you back on your feet (or off them as the case may be..). Feel your cares float away as that tricky tutorial problem you can't quite do becomes remarkably insignificant when you are staring into the maw of a 30ft waterfall of doom!
On a more serious note - we'll be doing some solid grade 4 boating but we won't be doing anything insane! Probable options include the Falloch, the Tilt or the Braan, obviously depending on water levels. Contact Jon (jrh8) for more details.

Beginners' Trip - Sunday 13th October
Missed out on the freshers' trip or keen to do some more beginners' kayaking? Sunday 13th October brings us a beginners' trip to a short section of the River Tay. Suitable for anyone, experienced or not. Email Jon Wyles (jw200) to sign up or find out more.
My lecturer told me that he found leeches in the Kinnessburn over summer. So maybe don't go skinny dipping in there/fall in when drunk (Wyles) ...
An Afternoon at Cambo Estate - Wednesday 16th October
Get out you gardening gloves, warm clothes and knowledge of invasive species. It's time again for our annual afternoon at Cambo Estate. It's a fun afternoon (there may be tools involved), there will be a bonfire and I've been promised teas and coffees. Times are currently provisional but we will probably leave St Andrews between 1 and 2 and go up to Cambo for a couple of hours. Please let Gina know at gkw2 if you're interested in coming along and if you are willing to transport people in your car.
"there may be tools involved" - yeah, like Rory. Hahaha, I'm so funny...
Advanced White Water Safety and Rescue - 9th and 10th November
For grade 3/4 paddlers to improve their rescue abilities. The only prerquisites are evidence of paddling some grade 4 and having done WWSR. This is running the same weekend as the 4 star training, 9th/10th of November. Here is the syllabus for more information. Contact Andre (ap69) for more information or to sign up! :)

In other news... I'm very tempted to use a hashtag in this email but someone would definitely punch me in the face...
Coaching Kids with Disabilities at Madras
If you'd be interested in doing a couple of coaching session with the children with disabilities class from Madras, please e-mail Gina at gkw2. The session probably wouldn't happen until November or maybe next semester but we need to get people PVGed as it takes awhile. This wouldn't be a big commitment, probably just a couple of hours as a one off and should be a bit of a change from the usual coaching routine, in addition it's a great chance to improve your imaginative coaching skills. 

Just a reminder...
I just thought that I'd remind all new members about our weekly meet-up times in case you'd forgotten. We have socials at Rascals Bar on Mondays and Thursdays from 8pm and a sea session (meet at our boatshed next to East Sands slipway) every Wednesday at 2pm. Please feel free to come along to them and meet the club if you still haven't got involved and keep coming back to them if you're already a regular! 
Sarah's weekly escapade: She finally got extremely drunk after weeks of staying relatively sober! Which ended in her getting chucked out of the lizard. Whoops...
I know that I said I wasn't going to do a cat picture of the week anymore but this is an exception. Meet Boudica, an absolutely adorable kitten belonging to Tim! I've also attached a picture of her to this email for when the image below almost definitely doesn't show up. Why did you all vote for me to be secretary...

And finally, keep up to date with us by friending us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and subscribing to us on YouTube. Our blog is a great way to see what we've been doing throughout the last year too so please have a look.

Lots of canoe love,
Sarah xx #yolo