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posted 29 Apr 2015, 10:46 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 28 May 2015, 12:58 ]
Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the amazing weather of sun and hail in the same 5 minutes! Oh well it gets you used to a British Summer! 

May Dip: 1st May 20:00 till Sunrise
It's not essential to do it naked; some see it as optional
Get invoked in a university tradition which has existed for generations; if you want to atone for your academic sins or just fancy a party join canoe club for a classic May Dip House Crawl; see the fb event Fun fact: the may dip along with the Gaudie commemorate John Honey who rescued 5 men from a sinking ship
Pointless Night: 3rd May 19:30
Well done to our team at BUCS polo, polo, polo last weekend!
Its teams of 2 and its £5 per team to play :) if you beat all the other teams you win a POINTLESS TROPHY. then just like in the show you get the chance to win half of the money pot !!!
so take a break from your studies and come along. even if you don't want to play come along and spectate (it will be a lot more fun with an audience)

If you want to enter a team then post on the event page with the names of your team members :) Venue to be confirmed

End of Year Bonfire! : 21st of May

There is no better way to celebrate the end of exams than the bonfire on East Sands. We will also have the end of year awards so look out for the poll which is coming out soon! The prizes are generally for memorable things (kayak related or not) which have happened throughout the year. The exact categories are still being decided. I think I won 'quote of the year' last year with 'NSR'

!!!PRESEASON 2015!!! 30th August- 6th September

This is the week of a lifetime...
Every year the AU help us fund a glorious week of coaching, paddling, catching up and above all: FUN!
This week is a must-not-miss FREE week of the best kayaking you'll have until you go to the Alps.
To sign up could you please enter your details here and when in the week you can come (you don't even have to come for all of it!)
Everyone is welcome! Beginner, Improverr, Intermediates and Adanced, we'll find something for everyone!
Sunday through Thursday we will return to St Andrews each night, Friday through Sunday we shall be staying out on the west coast.
Don't miss out!!!

Courses and Training

What Courses/Training would you like next year? this section is coming to you from your Dev Officer in the Czech Republic where it is sunny but kayak-less :(
Early to start thinking about it but the best coaches bet booked up quickly!
Every year the Club and AU subsidise courses so you only have to pay 1/3 of the cost! This is incredible and not a deal you could get any other way.
So make use of these as much as possible by taking 5 minutes to fill out this form (hyperlink this:

Club Photos!

This week is the last call to get your hands on some beautiful A3 colour photies of all your favourite beautiful people! A mere £2 a pop.
Check out the link to check it out :)  

Aquapacs are Great!

Aquapacs are great for on the river so you can keep your phone etc safe! They are highly recommended.See their website for more info

Summer Instructor Job in Italy

A former Canoe Club member is looking for kayak instructors to work in Bibione (in the Venice region) from June 5th to mid-September  at a kayaking centre.

They need not necessarily be qualified coaches, as long as they are capable kayakers, but qualified coaches are preferred.

If this is of interest or you want to know more please contact Sanna on ''


Cheap Kit

If you fancy a used helmet, brand new lomo pogies or a beanie hat contact Beth (bm67). The helmet is £40, pogies are £5 and the beanie hat £10!

Blast From The Past

Video of the Week

This has to be the kayak video of the week!
Also bridges and kayaking combined (everyone has likely seen it but still great..)

Tasty Bridge

Stay keen St Andrews!