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Weekly Email! - 06/02/13

posted 13 Feb 2013, 05:29 by Canoe St Andrews
Afternoon all, I am presently slightly tipsy but shall soldier on.

Dates for your diary:
TONIGHT - Biggest Night of your life.
For this sinners we will be partying like nothing ever before, there will be dressing up and fun challenges. The facebook event is here. Join even if you don't know anyone as you soon will be loving it.

Sunday 10th February -  Free Slalom Coaching
There's an opportunity for free slalom coaching this Sunday at Grand Tully. Please contact Camille (ch663) ASAP if you want to get involved. (Just a fiver for the petrol).

Friday 15th February - Bake Sale
Bake sale outside the library, to raise funds for Glencoe mountain rescue, who were involved in the incident over Christmas where four climbers died, one of which was a St Andrews graduate. Kirstie Main will be taking sign ups for shifts on the stall in Rascals, and  lots of baked goods will be needed as well!

Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd March
The National Student Rodeo is the biggest competition/party in the kayaking calendar. Anyone can come and everyone will have a fantastic weekend, guaranteed. Speak to James (jm2252) if you want to come, or to anyone who has been before if you want to know more. This year will be EPIC!

In other news: I think I may propose to Hugo soon.
General Conditioning
Want to lose some Christmas flab, or just keep fit? General Conditioning is on every Monday and Thursday at the Sports Centre 5-6pm. You will need at least a sports centre club membership. Canoe usually makes a big appearance so you won't be alone!

Jon's weekly escapade, Episode 2: Worst hangover on Saturday ever, although a great weekend of polo playing was had. Signed a lease on a different house instead. I'm just playing hard-to-get with the estate agents.
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Yesterday David Cameron was struggling over the gay marriage proposal. Suppose it was only a matter of time til Nick proposed.
All the weekly emails and committee minutes are up to date on the website, if anyone fancies some light reading.

Love as always. Everyone sinners-ing tonight, take care of yourself and drink enough to be merry.