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Weekly Email! - 07/11/12

posted 5 Feb 2013, 02:59 by Canoe St Andrews
Hi all,
Apologies for the email being a bit late in the day. Hope you weren't getting withdrawal symptoms.
I was up til 5:30 watching the election, sleep-walked to my 9am and 10am and then slept most of the day, then made the website epic. I didn't forget about you guys...

Dates for your Diary
Sunday 11th November - Radio show
Rory and Kirstie Main will be live on STAR radio from 2pm to 3pm talking about kayaking, dubstep and schweffing. Tune in when they're live here.

Thursday 15th November - Extra special pool session
Pool session with a twist. Keep your eyes open for more info.

Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th November - Beginners' Training and Intermediate Trip
Beginners' Training weekend organised by the wonderful Jean Sellar. It will be a great weekend, where you will learn new skills and gain confidence in a kayak. Email Jean (js226) for more information. On the same weekend, there will be a two day intermediate trip organised by Jean and Jon. Email jw200 to express an interest.

Saturday 1st - Sunday 2nd December - White Water Racing!
This is our first BUCS competition of the year (competing against all the other universities in the UK). Always a great time and a really cheap weekend! Talk to Camille ASAP in the pub if you're interested (or email ch663). Entries close this week. Because of the timing of BUCS this year a £30 deposit will be taken, (£20 of which will be refunded after you go!).

In other news... Just want to say a big well done to my buddy Barack. Knew you could do it bro.
Amazing things have been done by the secretary
I've spent a large proportion of the last 24 hours dusting the cobwebs off our website and blog, bringing them up to date, into the 21st century and therefore 'down with the kids'. Check it out here. It's even more awesome than when I posted it on facebook earlier.
  • The Media Page is especially cool.
  • There is a new Rivers Guide page, for you to browse before or after you've been on a river.
  • If you hear any quotes from members of the canoe club, send them to me (jw200). It's like our own little Overheard in St Andrews.
  • Lastly, if you go on a trip, write a blogpost, and send it to me (still jw200). Yesterday the blog got 480 views.
Naked Calendar Front Cover Entries - Last Deadline!
I have had a few entries for the front cover of the naked calendar, howerver there is still time to get your entries in!!! The deadline for all entries in next Wednesday 14th (a week today!) So get naked, find a willing friend to snap the shot and send to kam22! Please please please send in some submissions. I don't want the picture of me naked in a bin to be the front cover.

Finally, congratulations to Sarah Mitchell, our newly elected Sub-Honours Rep. Thank you to the large number of people that ran for the position. I hope we get the same enthusiasm when it comes to elections at the AGM next semester!
Jon's weekly escapade update: Jon has decided, for reasons currently unknown, to stay off alcohol for the week. Hopefully his liver, wallet and dignity will be spared for a few days. To be continued...
That's all for this week. Today's Cat Picture of the Week, enjoy.

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Love as always (especially for Hugo)