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Weekly Email! - 10/04/13

posted 10 Apr 2013, 03:12 by Canoe St Andrews
Morning Everyone! This is my first weekly email as the new secretary so I hope you'll enjoy reading it! I however am not enjoying myself after catching flu and not being able to go on a trip to the Nesk today. Boo to my immune system :( 

Dates for your diary: My room - anytime. Come with food and love to make me feel better
TOMORROW – Sea Session
Come down to the boat shed at 4pm tomorrow to have a lovely paddle on the sea.

Monday 18th April – Club Photo Retake
After the last one didn’t go too well we’ll be having another club photo in the Quad at 8:45pm next Monday. Come along in your loveliest clothes and afterwards we can all go to the pub together! 

Friday 26th April - Aqua Ball!
Keep this date free! It’s guaranteed to be a good night. Tim will be starting to sell tickets next week so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information. The facebook event page is here.

Sunday 28th April - SSS WWR!
If you want to participate in KMac's fantastic SSS WWR, email Jon (jw200) ASAP so he can fill in an entry form. The categories are K1 mens, K1 women, C1, C2 and Topo Duo. It would be great if we could get a good number of entries for this inaugural event organised by our own club! More information can be found on the snazzy website and on the Facebook event page. Volunteers also wanted to help out on the day! A man gets home from working the night shift one morning and his wife greets him at the door, wearing nothing but a skimpy nightie and a smile."Tie me up," she says: "And you can do whatever you want!" So he does, and half an hour later he's on the river.
In other news…
Pub sessions are starting an hour earlier on Thursdays
With no pool session to stop us getting there earlier, pub sessions at Rascals have moved to 9pm on both Mondays and Thursdays. Come along for some extremely great banter with the responsiblesocial members of Canoe Club.
*STAUCC cannot be held responsible if Rory comes along

Register your phone with emergencySMS
Our heroic safety officer Rory would like to ask everyone to please sign up with emergencySMS. If you text “Register” to 999 and follow the instructions that you get, you will be able to use SMS messages to contact the emergency services instead of having to make a 999 call (which can be a problem if you keep losing signal/have to leave signal for periods of time and need to be contacted back). More information can be found here and please feel free to speak to Rory (rm82) about it. Sarah’s weekly escapades: She is now first-aid qualified after a course at the weekend, and learnt that getting alcohol poured into her eye is extremely painful. Wyles…
Level 2 and 4* Assessments
If anyone has training in either Level 2 or 4 Star, could they email Andre (ap69) to let him know for booking assessments in the future? If you're not sure you're good enough don't worry there'll be next semester and plenty of time to get you awesome before assessment!

East Neuk Outdoors Instructors
East Neuk Outdoors are looking for female instructors with at least level 1 coaching to help out at the outdoor activity centre in Cellardyke this Summer. Crispin, the proprietor, can be in St Andrews to meet prospective instructors or arrange to meet them at the centre in Cellardyke. He is in St Andrews most Monday and Friday afternoons. If anyone would like to apply, send a CV to Duncan Primrose (dp292) is going to be an instructor there over Summer and would be happy to speak to anyone about it, or you can phone the centre on 01333 311929 to find out more.

And finally, the stupid cat picture of the weekYes, I’ve caved for now as you all complained when I said that I wasn’t going to put it in. I will eventually change it for something else though (and will then hide for the next few weeks so that no one can angrily attack me).

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I hope you're all having a lovely (and less ill) week than I am! 
Much canoe love,
Sarah x