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Weekly Email! - 18/04/12

posted 18 Apr 2012, 06:35 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 18 Apr 2012, 06:35 by Unknown user ]
To all my fellow kayaking gods and goddesses,
Lots of stuff in the weekly email this week. But hey, bigger emails = more time spent procrastinating, and procrastination is always fun.

Aqua Ball:
9 dinner tickets remaining for the aqua ball, and an infinite number of dance tickets. On the fence as to whether to go or not? Rory will be there in all his gun-showing glory. Email James (jm2252) to shotgun a ticket. Now. If you’ve already reserved one, pay in the pub tomorrow.
Post-Aqua Ball trip: Contact Rory (rm82) if you're keen for any sort of river trip the weekend after the aqua ball. Destination will be decided once interest is gained and levels are checked. So get in touch with Rory for chat and maybe more.

Loch Tay open boating coaching volunteers needed.
We have been asked to send a few volunteers to run a open canoe taster session for international school children, in return for borrowing open boats for the summer trip. Transport will be paid for, and we will head up either Thursday night or Friday morning for a day on the flat river in Killin, near Loch Tay. We will be back in time for the Aqua Ball dance. If any level 1 or 2 coaches would like to help with this (great practice and lovely kids) please email Amy (ak632). I'm looking for 4 or 5 people. Thanks! :)

Kukri board shorts.
Sexy, and only £15. Email James (jm2252) to order a pair. Use the men’s waist sizing on here:

Summer trip - 25th to 28th May
It's that time of year again... summer trip sign ups!
The plan currently is to paddle the River Spey, a fun and relaxed river in stunning countryside, to wild camp at night and to (hopefully) be mostly in open boats. We need to know numbers so we know how open boats to try and beg, borrow but not steal. So if you want to get involved in this fantastic trip please email jw200 ASAP or find Sarah or Jon W in the pub. Any questions give us a shout! Get excited - it will be a great way to celebrate the end of exams! See last year's trip here
PS. If you're worried about halls being shut by the time we get back, please don't let this stop you coming, we have enough houses for people to stay on the Monday night if needed before heading home.

Club photos I <3 LM.
Anyone who would like a sexy A3, glossy copy of the Club Photo taken at the AGM please email Jamie (jd523)! He'll be printing them off on Monday next week ready to give out in the pub. Photos are a mahoosive bargain at £2 a go. Roll up!

Preseason 2012
Preseason is going to be even more epic than last year, guaranteed. It is planned to run from 1st Sept to 9th Sept (9th being the first Sunday of fresher’s week). Provisionally planned activities include a fitness day, beginner coaching, safety training, polo training, slalom practice, flat water open boating, interspersed with awesome paddling trips. Email James (jm2252) ASAP to let him know which dates from 1st-9th September you are available.

Got Qualifications? Get them on the website.
If you’ve already submitted your qualifications, please check to see if they’re correct. If you haven’t, submit them.

First Aid Course
There are still a few spaces left on the first aid course, which will be super fun and super cheap! Contact Calum (cf344) if interested.

And finally:
Surf and polo (especially if you’re coming to BUCS) at East Sands today. Boatshed, 2pm. Free fun for everyone.
Geniophobia is the fear of chins.
Cat picture of the week:
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Random and irrelevant fact: The Statue of Liberty's index finger is 8 feet long.
Eternally yours,