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Weekly Email! - 27/02/13

posted 13 Mar 2013, 05:22 by Canoe St Andrews
Afternoon all, here's an exciting weekly email detailing lots of upcoming socials and trips. Enjoy.

Dates for your Diary:
Wednesday 6th March, 8pm - OGM and House Party
We'll be hosting an (extra)Ordinary General Meeting next Wednesday! This will involve all of you, some videos and some talks from the committee about our positions and how we run the club. This is especially important if you would like to run for a committee position in the upcoming AGM! Meet at 8pm at School 5 in the Quad. After the OGM we'll head off for a house party, BYOB! Facebook event hereAs Stratton would say... "Woof, woof!"

Saturday 9th March - Girls' Trip
Come along for a lovely relaxing paddle that's just for girls. Whether you're a pro or have never been on a river before, you're welcome to come along and have a great time. The location hasn't been decided yet but it'll definitely be amazing wherever we decide to go and not too hard if you're just starting out paddling. It'll also be followed by an optional group meal at someone's house where we can have lots of girly chat and complain about boys. If you're keen, email Sarah M (sjm33).

Saturday 9th March - Lads' Day
Drinking movie marathon, films currently undecided. Also potential LAN games. Hosted by the wonderful Tim Cain, time TBC. Keep your eyes peeled for more information. Strictly no chat about oestrogen or hair products.

Sunday 10th March - Beginner/Intermediate Trip
Whether you've never been on a river, or are getting a little bored witht the beginner stuff and want to see what else Scottish kayaking has to offer this trip will (hopefully) have it all! If you are keen to come, speak to James or email him on jm2252. 

Wednesday 13th March - Beach Clean for Green Week
The canoe club are organising a beach clean during green week on Wednesday 13th March, the final week before the holidays. East Sands slipway at 2pm is where you need to be! Check out our Facebook event for more info.

Wednesday 13th March - Sinners Sport
£10 for a half hour set by the Vengaboys. Email Tim (trc3) if you want a ticket.

Saturday 16th, Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th March - Easter Trip!
We'll be running our Easter trip at the beginning of Spring break. All abilities welcome, camping under the stars and lounging in the sun :) Please talk to KMac or Camille in the pub if you're interested.

In other news... HF rocks my world.
A message from our treasurer
With the AGM coming up and a new committee soon to be elected, it would be much appreciated if everyone with unpaid trip fees could settle up the costs as soon as possible, so the incoming treasurer doesn’t have to chase so many people up! Come along to the pub Thursdays or Mondays to pay in person, or pay online via Bank Transfer! Email Emily- ejs21- for an update on fees you owe, or for bank transfer details. 

Committee Positions
For those of you that can't make it to the OGM to find out about committee positions, here's a rough idea of what we all do. All positions are elected at the AGM, with the exception of Sub-Honours Rep, elected at the EGM (near the start of the year). Here is the committee page, where you can find committee members' email addresses if you want to find out more.
If you can't read this, don't run for secretary.
Captain - Responsible for the general organisation of the club.
Vice/Competitions Captain - Organises competitions - slalom, polo, racing etc. Assists captain.
Secretary - Committee Minutes and club records. Regularly update the website, blog and social media. Weekly email. Mailing list. Calendar.
Treasurer - Keep a membership list and a record of all financial transactions, and maintain communication with AU treasurer.
Safety Officer - Ensures safety equipment is in a proper condition. Club safety documents. Yearly first aid course.
Social Secretary - Organise social events. Adrenaline and Aqua ball. Negotiate sponsorship with pubs.
Gear Officer (2) - Transport equipment to St Leonard's Pool for pool sessions. Ensure equipment is in a fit state. Responsible for purchasing club equipment (with captain and treasurer).
Development Officer - Provide opportunities for club members to gain skills and qualifications.
Publicity and Outreach Officer - Responsible for 'green' profile of club and publicising club's charitable efforts.
Beginners Rep - A link between members new to the sport and the committee. Co-organise the Freshers' Trip.
Sub-Honours Rep A link between sub-honours members and the committee.
Ordinary Member - Assist with the everyday running of the club when required, free to take up projects.

Here is the section of the website I upload the committee minutes to. Have a look to see what the committee has been up to.

Singer Neil Diamond started his career as Neil Coal. He changed his name when the pressure got to him.
Lastly, here's the Cat picture of the week.

And that's all. The blog has been updated with a few articles from recent trips, worth checking out. Keep up to date with us as well by friending us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and subscribing to us on YouTube.
Laser is an acronym. It stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
Apologies for the long email, and good luck to everyone at NSR and the Etive this weekend. Love to you all,