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Weekly Email - 8/12/2010

posted 8 Dec 2010, 05:14 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 8 Dec 2010, 05:14 by Unknown user ]
Morning all,

Here's the latest from Canoe HQ:

Surf Session today CANCELLED
Sorry about that, however to make up for it there are tasty treats available outside the library all day for you to come and buy - sold by members of your favourite club...

StAUCC Charity Duck Race!
The inaugural duck race will take place on Tuesday 14th December at 2pm. The aim is to raise as much money for the RNLI as possible by each sponsoring a (plastic) duck in an adrenaline-fuelled race down the Kinnesburn. People will be selling ducks over the next week, at pub sessions and also at the bake sale as well as at the event itself. It's going to start just next to KFB and finish at Greenside Court - come to KFB if you're not sure though.

 However, Sean and Andrew will not be able to pull this off without help from some of you. We'd like some people to come along and organise/supervise the proceedings and be generally keen. If anyone with a drysuit/trousers would also like to volunteer to jump in and retrieve ducks stuck along the way that would be great too! 
Please email Andrew (aa542) to let him know that you'll be coming. If you have any other questions you can get in contact with Sean (sld42) as well.

Club Clothing
The order has finally gone off to Orion and although we hope that it will be here by Christmas, I wouldn't put money on it. However, in order not to leave a gaping hole in the club finances we do need you to pay for the items you ordered before we all disappear off. To that end Sarah will be taking clothing payment in the pub sessions tomorrow and next week so PLEASE come along and pay her, it's tedious to chase... Contact Sarah (sed32) with any problems.

Scottish Student Snow Boater -X (SSS-X)
Get excited for the UK's first ever SSS-X! Uni's from all over Scotland will be converging for a freestyle snowkayaking competition organised by St Andrews, in kayaks, on snow. Think Boater-X race down a built up course with some interesting features, Need for speedFreestyle X-pression session and many others!!!! This will take place in the intersemester break on the 29th January and everyone can get involved, there is little/no need for skill. Email Patrick (pj58) if you're keen. Do it now. Seriously. Do it.

Carol Singing
Thanks to everyone who has signed up - Andrew should have sent you an email last night. However if you have a) not received an email, or b) not signed up yet then it's not too late! Email Andrew (aa542) to express your keenness and come along on (probably) Monday. Any level of musical talent (or lack thereof) is accepted, should be a good time!

PhD Research Questionnaire
Some guy at Loughborough keeps on contacting us with a questionnaire for his research into "Personal and social issues associated with sport performance and well-being." If you have any interest or are really bored then check out his questionnaire here. Maybe if you do he will be happy, or at least stop emailing me.

Here endeth the email.