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Weekly Email - 9/2/11

posted 15 Feb 2011, 06:23 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 15 Feb 2011, 06:26 by Unknown user ]
Hi everyone,

Firstly for those who didn't know, we've had our BEST EVER SUS!! The B's made the quarter finals (only B team to do so), the A's made the final (first time in living memory), and the girls WON! ('nuff said!) 


Polo training/tryouts
Following this success we are keen to improve the training we can give to the club, particularly those who play or want to play Division polo. Also we really want to involve more beginners and freshers to train up the next generation of world-beaters! Stay tuned for more info in coming weeks, if you have any immediate queries then talk to our super-tall CompSec, Patrick (pj58)!

Sense Scotland trip
We ran this trip last year and it was a massive success. Basically we team up with the charity and go open-boating with the blind people that they help, and give them an opportunity to try something they probably never would get to otherwise. This year it will be on the 19th March, sign up with Sarah tomorrow at the pub or email (sed32)! Good fun, very rewarding and great for Canoe club's outreach program!

Refreshers Fayre
12-4, Venue 2, Saturday. I need a couple of people to help with set-up and to generally chat to JSAs and the like. If you can spare some time to give me a hand I'll buy you a pint and some McCoys as a reward. Email me (jd523).

Canoe Club clothing
Just about all the club clothing is now in, Sarah has it and will be dealing it out in the coming week. In return for this wardrobe-improvement service that the club offers, you will need to PAY Sarah for the items... Please bring cash or a cheque, or Calum will hunt you down with his money-box and scare you with it.

Saints Sport rash vests
The club bought some university rash vests/sports tops last semester and there are still some left. Perfect for polo or general conditioning, one could be yours for a wink, a smile and a modest amount of money. Email Johnny (jh546) to bag yours now...

Pool Coaching
Hi guys, hope you all had a good break, good to see most of you at the pool session the other day, for the rest of you this is just a gentle poke to remind you that they are still running and are an excellent way to brush up on your skills and boost your confidence. Remember, the guys on hand are all experienced and dead keen to help with any training you want to do. All you have to do is ask!
Izzie (Beginners Rep)

Last semester Rona asked us to compile a list of all volunteering that members of the club took part in whether sporting or not. If you haven't let her know then follow this link to quickly enter your details onto the database.

Driving Tests
If you have a UK/EU driving licence and come on club trips then PLEASE do your AU test so that the same people don't have to volunteer themselves for driving week in, week out. Take your full licence (paper and plastic) to the AU office in the Sports Centre and sign up for a slot, Monday/Friday in week 2, then let Sarah (sed32) know please. If you're over 21 and have been driving for 2 years you may also qualify to drive minibuses (awesome). 

And with that, welcome back to Semester 2 and we'll see you around. Surf sessions are back on, same time, same place; as are general conditioning, pool sessions and pub sessions. Yoga isn't though. Sorry.