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Weekly Email! 01/05/13

posted 21 May 2013, 12:51 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 23 May 2013, 15:41 ]
Afternoon everyone! I hope that everyone who took part in the May Dip last night had a great (and hopefully as naked as my) night. I also hope that you're all feeling as terrible as I am as I'm pretty sure that I'm close to dying...

Dates for your diary:
Saturday 4th May – Intermediate Trip
There's still a few places left on the last intermediate trip of the year. Get keen and get signed up! Leaders would be very much appreciated. Email gkw2 (Gina) for more information.
If you don't sign up, Gina will cry :(
Sunday 5th May – Sea Paddle
The sun is shining and you're stuck in revising, sucks to be you (and me). On sunday I, Tim, will be organising a sea paddle along the coast in one direction or another. We will start really early (around 10am) then have a picnic on a nice beach and paddle back. E-mail me (trc3) if you are interested.
Sarah's weekly escapade: Her first may dip happened. She got very drunk and very naked. Claim escalated FAR too quickly. She ended up doing about twenty body shots and learnt that triple sec or no triple sec is a terrible way to start a night. 
Thursday 9th May - Skills session at Grandtully
Keen to practise some essential river skills such as eddying in and out or ferry gliding and build up confidence on the water? Give yourself a welcome break from revision and come along to our skills session at Grandtully on the 9th May, all abilities welcome. EmailEmily (ejs21) to sign up.
I'd just like to mention to whoever poured the salt for the tequila body shots that it's meant to be a thin line of salt, not A MILLION TABLESPOONS. So much salt...
Saturday 25th - Tuesday 28th May - Summer Trip
There are still some spaces left on the Summer Trip! If you'd like to spend 4 days canoing down the Dee with our lovely canoe club, please email Andre (ap69) if you haven't already! Again, don't worry about Halls closing, there will always be some floor space at someone's house!

In other news...
Gina wants you to get naked
It's time to start thinking about doing some naked photo shoots for next year's calendar again! Any ideas about themes or the charity that we should do it for would also be greatly appreciated. Email Gina (gkw2) for more information or to send in your naked pictures.
For more information about taking part in a private naked photoshoot, please contact rm82

And finally, here's the cat picture of the week showing what a lot of us looked like this morning!
Apologies if this email doesn't make sense - I'm finding it pretty hard to function at the moment. 
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Lots of canoe love,
Sarah xx