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Weekly Email! 10/10/13

posted 1 Jan 2014, 09:43 by Canoe St Andrews
Afternoon everyone! Sorry for this being a day late - I hope you made it through yesterday without! There's absolutely loads in this week's email so have a read and see what you can get involved with! 

Dates for your diary:
Nesk Trip - Saturday 19th October.
Rothwell would love to find some intermediate friends to take a chilled trip to the North Esk with. Please chat to him at the pub or email him at jor2 if you're keen to come or if you want to know whether you'd be capable of coming along. 
Hello to all the freshers who now know about these messages! 
Changed Date for Cambo Estate Work - Wednesday 23rd October
The work we were planning on doing at Cambo Estate, next Wednesday (16th) has now been moved to the 23rd October. Still the same plans, removing invasive species from the woodland there, having a bonfire, tea, coffee and maybe even a cheeky photo. Meet at the boat shed at from 1.30 pm and we'll get everyone shuttled to Cambo. We should be back in St Andrews around 5. 
Joe Morley (GBR) has just won the Adidas Sickline World Champion 2013 - have a look on our facebook page for the video if you're interested. 
Adrenaline Ball - Friday 1st November
A great night that brings all the adrenaline sports together for a meal, Ceilidh and DJ. More info hereTickets on sale soon at pub sessions - keep an eye out on weekly emails and canoe's facebook to see when you can get one! 

Improvers' Training - Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November
We're running an improvers trip on the above dates for those wanting to nail down their grade 3/3+ running. The plan is the largest amount of coaching done in one weekend (we've got 4 star and AWWSR running this weekend also!) so please join us heading out around Scotland and hopefully we can all meet up in the evenings for tales of gnar and boofs! There is a limit of 8 so get on it soon! Contact Andre(ap69) for signing up or more information, he'll also always be at the pub!
If anyone tries to play the new game of attemting to bin me on a river whilst on this trip, I will bitch about you in every weekly email ever again
SSS Slalom - Saturday 16th November
On Saturday 16th November comes our first chance of the year to try out some slalom. Granted, it is indoors in a swimming pool, but it is also a lot of fun. It's a good chance for all you keen freshers to try some slalom in a calmer environment as opposed to a whitewater river. There is still some form of excitement though, as you are racing head to head against someone down a pool. There are freshers, ladies and mens categories, with some excellent prizes. Following this will be a night out with the legendary Dundee university kayakers, and then we'll be crashing on their floors/sofas, before returning home the next day. GUARANTEED fun, email Jon (jw200) to find out more or sign up.

In other news... Happy birthday Rothwell and Camille! 
Please fill out the medical form
Before you go on your next canoe club trip, you're going to need to fill out this medical form. It's just basic information which the trip organiser will be given before their trip to let them know any medical problems that you may have. Everyone needs to fill this out please (this includes leaders, although some of you have already filled it out when I sent it last year).

Alps 2k14  
You may have started to hear the phrase Alps 2k14 uttered in hushed voices in dark alleyways or in the corner of Rascals. The rumours are true. Alps 2k14 is being conceived. To go on this trip at the end of June you should be pretty confident on grade 3 and have run some grade 4s, and also have a pretty good roll. The cost should not be more than £450. If less, you will be reimbursed. We will be asking for a £100 deposit for anyone keen in a few weeks time, but for now we are asking anyone who has a car that they would be able to bring to the Alps to get in contact with Jon (jw200), so him and Amy can work out how many spaces are available.
Rascals pub quiz on Sunday anyone?... did you know that in Natoma, Kansas, it's illegal to throw knives at men wearing striped suits
Let the Naked Photo Shoots Commence!
We need to make a whole year of pictures so a great turn out would be much appreciated. Here are the provisional dates for naked calendar pictures:
Easter - 18th October
Boys -  Wednesday 23rd October 
Winter/Xmas - 24th October (pre pub)
Halloween - 30th October 
Gina will remind you on Facebook and in the weekly email as each one gets closer! 
Rory hit me with a door today. What a bitch
Fitness Training
Are you feeling chubby after the summer off? Is the Fresher’s flab already starting to pile on? Are you intimidated by the gym but looking to work out in a fun way with friends? Well then Circuits is what you need! Circuit training is held twice a week in the Sports Hall from 17.00 to 18.00 on Mondays and Thursdays, and there’s always a good Canoe Club presence there. (namely Izzie!)
Entry is free if you have Sports Centre Club Membership or Fitness Plus, and a measly £3 if not. So burn those calories in the presence of those who are as unfit as you and love you just the way you are!
Sarah's weekly escapade: She has two lovely trips last weekend - one to the upper Dochart and one to the Leny. She also saw a fair amount of Rory's penis, for the millionth time...
Here's a bit of adorable procrastination (way better than cat pictures) and I've also attached the minutes of our fortnightly committee meeting in case anyone's interested in what we get up to. I'll now be including these each week after our meeting so that you can keep up to date on all the riveting banter... 
You're welcome James, the only person who is going to read these...
And finally, keep up to date with us by friending us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and subscribing to us on YouTube. Our blog is going to have about 5 new entries by Friday - I'll let you know on Facebook once they're up! 
Also, my banter may be shit (as I am told by EVERYONE) but at least I send you lovely photos of pugs! 
Lots of Canoe Love,
Sarah xx