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Weekly Email: 13th October

posted 13 Oct 2010, 03:34 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 13 Oct 2010, 03:36 by Unknown user ]
2 Star Coaching
Next Wednesday, we are running a 2 star course at East Neuk (just down the road in Anstruther) assessed by our very own Jonny Hawkins. 2 star is a basic skill award for which you have to demonstrate a level of competency in a canoe and a kayak; we will be coaching all the skills needed during the session, so all that's required is that you have experience kayaking. The award is needed if you are considering going on to become a level 1 coach and is generally a useful award to hone your skills and get recognition for them. This will be on the Wednesday afternoon of the 20th, probably at 2ish, and will be very cheap!
Sign-up in the Rule tomorrow night, or email James (jm2252) if you can't make the pub. First come first served!

Wednesday Coaching
Starting on the Wednesday afternoon, 27th October, and in succeeding weeks, we will be running 4 half hour coaching sessions, planned and led by our level 1 coaches. Times will be decided by the coaches but they will fall in a half hour block during the surf session (2 till 5), so you will have chance to do both. This is a great opportunity for you beginners to give your paddling skills a good grounding and will definitely be of huge benefit. It would also be useful for the coaches to be assisted by a keen paddler with a bit of experience, especially if you are interested in coaching in the future. If you would like to be involved in this email James (jm2252) asap as places will be limited.

Loch Bagging Season has begun!
This is a new and exciting competition that we are trying to get going this year. The aim is to 'bag' lochs by submerging yourself fully in them to gain points (bonuses for being naked or for breaking ice in the loch...) All you need to do is send in your results and we'll put you up on the leaderboard! Witnesses are required, photographic evidence preferable! For more info and the current points table see HERE...

Volunteering Opportunities
A message from Rona, our club development officer:

"I just wanted to remind you all that the deadline for getting involved with any of our sports related volunteering projects such as Project Zambia and the Glasgow 2014: Young People Leading the Way training and conference is this Friday (the 15th of Oct).
There have been lots of applications for our local volunteer coaching projects but not as many as expected for Zambia and the Glasgow 2014 project so I would really encourage you to fill out an application form and send this back to me before Friday if you are interested in either of these projects. As a student at the University of Stirling I was involved in both of these projects throughout my time at University and would thoroughly recommend them as they have both opened up a lot of additional volunteering and employment opportunities for me."

If you would like any information or the application form then email me (jd523) and I will forward them on to you. For further information get in contact with Rona (clubdevelopment@saints-sport)

General Conditioning
Thanks to everyone who has signed up to general conditioning. In order to get in free to future sessions you'll need a sticker for your matric card. You can get this from the reception at the sports centre any time from now until Friday, the sooner the better. The sessions run every Monday and Thursday at 5pm in the main sports hall and last for about an hour. If you've not signed up its not a problem, just come down on Thursday to the sports centre for 5pm and Patrick (pj58) can sign you up.

Tents for the Freshers Trip
If anyone has a spare tent that they wouldn't mind lending to us for the Freshers' trip, please could you get in contact with Jonny (jh546) ASAP please!

Yoga Sessions - Tuesday 1-2pm
As part of our awesome Focus club package, free yoga sessions are running on Tuesdays. Just turn up to them at the Sports Centre...

AU Drivers
Thanks to all those of you who have done AU tests in the last couple of weeks. Anyone who has done so (or is about to take one) needs to email Sarah (sed32) with the result as soon as you can so that she can keep an accurate record.

Any returning drivers who still haven't re-registered their licence, get it sorted!

And Finally...
Did anyone pick up a pair of sunglasses from the pool last Thursday? Described as "black frames with stripey multi-coloured legs." If you've seen/borrowed/found them then please get in contact with Ellie (elc39)...

That's all I've got for this week. This year's Freshers' Trip of Magnificence looms large on the horizon; check out the audio-visual extravaganza that Alex put together from last year's trip HERE! Also have a peek at the new reports out on our blog...