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Weekly Email! 16/10/13

posted 1 Jan 2014, 09:46 by Canoe St Andrews
Evening everyone! I feel like each week we're reaching a new record in how much we can fit into this email - please read it and see what you're keen to join in with! Also, we've had several new additions to our blog this week so maybe give it a read and see what we got up to during preseason/our first few trips this semester. 

Dates for your diary:
Pot Luck and Film Night - Sunday 20th October (this Sunday)
The evenings are beginning to draw in and the deadlines starting to stack up - what better way to spend Sunday evening than with a chilled film night and pot luck dinner with Canoe Club?! Details to be found on our facebook event here.
I'm currently watching GBBO for the first time ever - why did I not start watching this earlier!?
Cambo - Wednesday 23rd October
You've heard it all before: an afternoon at Cambo next Wednesday to remove invasive species from the woodland there, have a bonfire, tea, coffee and maybe even take a cheeky photo. Meet at the boat shed at 1.20 pm and we'll get everyone shuttled to Cambo. We should be back in St Andrews around 5Email gkw2 if you want more information or a later shuttle.
I really want some cake now...
Apple Picking - Thursday 24th October
Next Thursday we'll be meeting at St Leonards Orchard behind the Cosmo centre off Abbey Walk to pick apples to make lovely apple pies for our pudding party. All reducing our food miles and making us a greener club - hopefully there are some apples left for us! Meet time 12pmemail gkw2 for more details.

POOL SESSIONS - Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd October
We officially have a pool (Madras College, Kilrymont Road - see on a map here) and it's going to be great. Sessions start on Monday and Tuesday next week and will then be every Monday and Tuesday after this throughout the semester. Pool times are 20:15 - 21:15 and you'll probably get about 20 - 30 mins in the pool each session. As these are new and we're expecting a lot of interest, we've created a sign up sheet here15 people can come each day but, if times fill up and you really wanted to go, email this email account to let us know and you'll be put at the top of the waiting list for the next week. 
Note - pool sessions won't really be used for perfecting paddling strokes (it'll be more rolling, sculling etc) so please come along to Wednesday sea sessions (2pm at East Sands slipway) if you want to practise those. 
I want no whinging about a lack of secret messages - there are loads, it's just a huge email!
Paddle Festival - Saturday 26th October
Every year there is a big event in Perth where all the major kayak kit companies show off their gear for cheap! If you’ve been feeling the chill recently or just want to look more bad-ass for you profile pictures, this is the place to go! After this, we’ll try and see our alumni Jonny Hawkins doing a talk on his kayaking in Borneo! Then, to test out your new kit and enthusiasm, we’ll be paddling on the Tay at Stanley (downriver of the fresher’s trip section) which is a chilled Grade 2/2+/3. Afterwards there'll be a group meal too! If this sounds interesting to you, please email Andre (ap69) to get a space!
There are 200,000,000 insects for every human on earth
Intermediate Trip - Sunday 27th October
Keen to try out your new kit from the Perth Show, or just wanting to test out your skills on a harder river? Whatever your reason, it should be a great trip that will be challenging but not too difficult! The plan is to paddle the upper and lower Tummels (you can just do the lower which is easier if you want) so email Sarah (sjm33) if you're keen or just chat to her about it at the pub. Please ask her if you're not sure whether you're of a good enough level to come and she'll let you know! 

EGM and Pudding Party - Monday 28th September
Come along to Rascals Bar at 10pm on the 28th (or after the pool session if you're going) for our wonderful EGM and pudding party. Here we'll be doing a few important things:
  1. Electing our Sub-Honours Rep - a position within our committee open to first or second years only (although it has to be your first year of paddling with the club). You will provide a link between first and second years and the committee to express any issues that they may have. You'll be involved in committee meetings and will also help out with the club in different ways e.g. organising trips. If you're interested, either just turn up on the night and nominate yourself, or chat to our current Sub-Honours Rep Sarah (sjm33) first to see what it's all about. 
  2. Electing our second Social and Fundraising Convenor - we have had a resignation from one of our current committee members so will be electing someone else on the night! Please speak to Hugo (hmsf) if you have any more questions. This position can be held by ANYONE in the club! 
  3. Most importantly, holding our pudding party. If you bring along a pudding (cakes, biscuits etc) then we'll eat them all after the EGM is over! 
Adrenaline Ball - Friday 1st November
Get psyched for Adrenaline Ball in the Golf Hotel, 1st November! By far the best social of the semester, you'd have to be craaaazy flippin mad to miss it... Tickets are on sale as of tomorrow (Thursday) night - meet Hugo in Rascals Bar from 8pm to bag your place!  Dinner and dance tickets are just £35, and dance tickets are £15. Due to high demand, please bring the dosh along with you to ensure your ticket space!!
Anyone bored of reading yet...
SSS Slalom - Saturday 16th November
On Saturday 16th November comes our first chance of the year to try out some slalom. Granted, it is indoors in a swimming pool, but it is also a lot of fun. It's a good chance for all you keen freshers to try some slalom in a calmer environment as opposed to a whitewater river. There is still some form of excitement though, as you are racing head to head against someone down a pool. There are freshers, ladies and mens categories, with some excellent prizes. Following this will be a night out with the legendary Dundee university kayakers, and then we'll be crashing on their floors/sofas, before returning home the next day. GUARANTEED fun, email Jon (jw200) to find out more or sign up.

In other news...There's a lot of side boob in the naked photos... ;) 
Kit for WWSR and pubic hair...
A few members of the club are doing their WWSR course this weekend and would be extremely grateful if they could borrow knife karabiners (locking type), dry suits and BAs with safety harnesses off club members. Please email canoe's account if you'd be willing to lend anything! Thanks in advance! 
Different language fun: Je suis désireux d'obtenir très bientôt ivre, mais pas vomir dans Rascals comme Rothwell ne
Can anyone who is currently a registered AU driver email Emily (ejs21) so that we have a record of drivers for this year please? If you still need to re-register, take your license and counterpart to the AU at the sports centre to do so. 
For anyone not currently an AU driver, but who holds a valid licence and would like to become one, email Sarah (sjm33) so she can let you know of upcoming tests (will be early 2nd semester). 

Alps 2k14  
You may have started to hear the phrase Alps 2k14 uttered in hushed voices in dark alleyways or in the corner of Rascals. The rumours are true. Alps 2k14 is being conceived. To go on this trip at the end of June you should be pretty confident on grade 3 and have run some grade 4s, and also have a pretty good roll. The cost should not be more than £450. If less, you will be reimbursed. We will be asking for a £100 deposit for anyone keen in a few weeks time, but for now we are asking anyone who has a car that they would be able to bring to the Alps to get in contact with Jon (jw200), so him and Amy can work out how many spaces are available.

Here's a fancy kayaking video in case anyone is keen (thanks to Rory, who I seem to get most online kayaking videos off) and here's some more fun procrastination from Stratts. 

And finally, keep up to date with us by friending us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and subscribing to us on YouTube. Our blog is great - give it a read! Our committee minutes have been attached again too - feel free to give them a read (would be especially helpful if you're thinking of running for sub-honours or social at the EGM)
After the city of Bend on Deschutes River, the river portage is so hard (larva streams), it's advised to just run the grade IV-VI river as it's probably safer
Lots of Canoe Love,
Sarah xx
-- Sarah's weekly escapade: as well as just one 250ml ice, she has now realised that one large glass of wine can get her pretty tipsy. This is what not drinking excessively every week does to her...