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Weekly Email! 20/11/13

posted 1 Jan 2014, 09:55 by Canoe St Andrews

Afternoon everyone! It’s the last sinners of the year tonight so come along and party with Canoe Club. Wyles and I will be working at the union so come and say hi to us too! More info below...


Dates for your diary:

Just to remind you guys (although i'm sure you haven't forgotten) the last sinners of the semester is tonight. Theres a housecrawl starting a 7pm at 6 Clatto Place and then moving around ending up at the union which we have to be into by 11pm. Sinners tickets will be sold during the housecrawl but if you're not coming to that then pop round to Hugo's house (the castle) to get one before heading to the union. Event page here. BRING THE USUAL KAYAKING ATTIRE TO WEAR AT THE UNION AFTER THE RUBIX CUBE HOUSECRAWL :) 
Please don't get so drunk that you vom on me tonight. Not that I'm one to talk...
Circuits! - Monday and Thursdays 5-6, Sports Centre

While kayaking isn't usually considered a "fitness" sport, competitions and even normal paddling do become easier if you're not gasping for breath (particually bad when you capsize!) There are always a few canoe people representing here, showing the other clubs how its done so hope to see a few more on Thursday! (Free with Full Sports Membership, small cost if not a member). 

Pool Session SIGN UPS - Monday and Tuesday, 8:15pm-9:15pm

You all know how it works now... coaching in a warm pool at Madras College, Kilrymont Road. 
Directions here and sign up form here. See you there!

Beginners' Trip - Saturday 30th November

It's probably going to be the last beginners' river trip of the semester so get keen and come along. Location still to be decided but it'll be on a chilled grade 2 river somwehere and is suitable for everyone, even if you haven't paddled with the club yet this year. Let Beth know (bm67) if you're keen or if you want more information.

Intermediate Trip - Sunday 1st December

A slightly harder trip for those of you who are wanting to push yourselves. Location to be decided (possibly Nesk) but it won't be too hard! Email Jon (jrh8) if you're keen or want to know if you'd be capable of coming along or not. 

The lowest natural temperature ever recorded at the surface of the Earth was −89.2 °C at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica on July 20, 1983

In other news…

Base Volunteering Opportunity
Each week a few members from the club help out at a swimming session for adults with visual impairments, but a few more are still needed. It’s only for an hour (2-3pm) each Friday and is always great fun. Please let Gina know (gkw2) if you’re keen to help out or want more information.

Naked Calendar

The naked calendar is almost ready! Support RNLI by buying it for just £10, complete with a naked picture of members of the club for each month! Please email Gina (gkw2) if you’d like to order one/many. They should be ready to pick up by the end of next week!

All side boob has been completely photoshopped out (in case someone thinks it's inappropriate), so expect ridiculously flat chested girls everywhere... 
(Almost) Free 2 Star Awards!
2 Star is the first step to gaining qualifications for kayaking, and is essential for doing Level 1 coaching. If nothing else it gives you a benchmark of "I can do that". It is a very easy award, requiring only flatwater skills such as efficient forward paddling and turning in a confined space. Andre is a Level 2 coach and so can assess 2 Star awards and is offering to do the assessment for free! There is a small (£5-7) certification cost. The course will involve a 2 hour session on the sea checking your personal paddling skills, and then another 2 hour session looking more at basic journey management. Please email Andre (ap69) if you want do to the 2 star and are willing to be at 2 consecutive wednesday sessions. People wanting to do Level 1 have priority.

Is anyone getting more than one weekly email?
If on a Wednesday you get sent more than one weekly email, could you let Sarah know by replying to this email please. You'll have been added to more than one weekly email list so she'll just take you off one of them. 
It's going to be absolutely freezing camping this weekend for BUCS WWR. Luckily alcohol helps with that problem...
Do you know of any broken boats/kit?
If you know of any boats or kit that are broken or could just do with a little repairing, please let Jon and John know at jrh8 and jor2. They're super keen to fix it all so, instead of whinging about things being broken, email them and let them know so that they can sort it!

Do you want to observe coaching at Madras pool?
Each Wednesday and Friday from 6.20pm we've been given the opportunity for one of the club each time to go along to Madras pool and observe kayak coaching from Crispin from East Neuk. He coaches two small groups of people in two back-to-back sessions and throughout will give you coaching tips and advice. You might even get into a boat in the pool and get some coaching off him if it's a quiet session. Let Sarah know (sjm33) if you'd be interested in coming along (or if you've been before and would be keen to go again) or if you want any more information.
35 days until Christmas!
Here's what David Cameron would look like as a train (this is what happens when I try to find things to put into the weekly email) and here's a picture of two of my favourite things - pugs and alcohol.  

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Lots of Canoe Love,
Sarah xx