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Weekly Email! 21/03/12

posted 11 Apr 2012, 09:34 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 11 Apr 2012, 09:34 by Unknown user ]
Good morning everyone!
Hope that your weeks are progressing nicely, and that you're not too stressed about the elections!
Bake Sale - happening NOW!  i <3 LM
Come along to the library to get your tasty treats! Cake, biscuits, chat - we have it all!
AGM and Club Photo
The AGM is in a weeks time, so I hope you've all got your speeches ready! :P We'll be meeting in the Quad at 7pm for the annual club photo - bring your best smiles. Then we'll head over to one of the schools and begin electing our new committee! It's always a great evening regardless of whether you're running for something or not! See attched document for a description of the roles!
Rubiks' Cube Pub Crawl- Tonight!
Meet at the Rule at 8pm for the best night of your life, guaranteed*. Wear your Rubik's colours (Red, white, blue, yellow, green and orange) and get ready for challenges, forfeits and of course, drinking!
*Not guaranteed but pretty likely
Intermediate Easter trip - Monday to Wednesday in week 1 of Spring Break
We're planning an awesome trip out west for the first 3 days of Easter break (that's Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th) aimed at those of you who are just getting a taste for intermediate paddling. So, if you fancy getting wet in the west then email Jamie (jd523) to bag a space!
First Weekend in Easter, 23rd/24th/25th
Our aged and awesome Alumni are coming up next weekend. The plan for Saturday is to head up to Glen Esk to go walking or paddling. We'll probably split into some different groups. With a similar plan for Sunday! This is going to be a super relaxed trip open to everyone. We'll be having some fun and games on Saturday night as well. Please let Patrick (pj58) know if your keen to get involved. On Friday night the alumni are going to a Peatbog Fairies gig in Perth. If your keen for this aswell let Patrick know! on March 14th, Steak and Blowjob Day is a holiday for men, celebrated the month after Valentine's Day
White Water Safety Rescue
On the 14th and 15th April we are running a white water safety and rescue course. It will be based at Grandtully, so coming back to St Andrews for the evening. It will be a really good course for anyone who wants to do more rescue training. Please email Amy (ak632) or chat to her in the pub if you're interested!

Man selling kit, contact if interested
Pyranha Fusion River Tour in blue/white: £400 (he paid £499)
Pyranha Snappy neoprene deck (waist M/L, cockpit L): £30 (he paid £55)
Delta Big Deck nylon deck: £20 (£37)
Yak Legacy PFD M/L: £20 (£41)
Ainsworth K102 asymmetrical paddle (200cm, right-handed): £85 (£105)
TNP two-piece asymmetrical paddle (215cm, ambidextrous): £20 (£40)
A message from Micah, our friendly gear officer - The boat shed is once again a boat sty. All club members are responsible to put kit away properly and leave the shed cleaner than they found it. Every time you leave the shed untidy the climate changes and a baby seal dies. Please, think of the baby seals.
Don't forget to vote! (go to  for more info!)
Canoe Love,
Camille vote for me Hayes