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Weekly Email! 15/05/13

posted 21 May 2013, 12:53 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 1 Jan 2014, 09:29 ]
Afternoon everyone! I hope all your exams are going well and that all our graduating members are enjoying their soaking after they finish their last ones!

Dates for your diary:
STAUCC soakings I was really tempted to make a joke about Rory carrying on his soaking of girls all year long, but then decided that I'm far too classy to make statements like that...
If anyone fancies throwing cold water all people who are leaving this year, come down to the venues listed below at the right times. Event page is here!
  • Camille - Friday 17th 11.30 - Lower College
  • Yvonne - Friday 17th 11.30 - Old Union Diner
  • Kirsty Shorts - Monday 20th 11.30 - Sports Hall
  • Calum Fisher - Monday 20th 4pm - Younger Hall
  • Jonty - Weds 22nd 11.30 - Sports Centre
Monday 20th May - Bakesale for Doby! 
If you haven’t heard yet, the club’s unofficial club mascot, Doby, needs surgery for elbow dysplasia in his right leg. Rocío will be holding a bakesale outside the library on Monday and would love for people to come along and help to sell everything, bake something for it, or just come along and buy something. Please contact her on rpg2 if you're interested in helping out, or donate some money right now here.

Friday 24th May - End of Year Bonfire
Canoe Club Bonfire and Barbecue, East Sands, 2000 hrs.  The event page is here.
Hugo wants you to 'bring loadsa' boozeage for top times'. The police probably do not. Don't be silly and bring a huge crate to the beach or something like that please! 
Preseason 2013
In the week before freshers, kayakers from StAUCC return from all over the globe for a week of training, catching-up, and free t-shirts! This year it is organised by Emily Stratton, Andre Phillips and Jon Wyles. Please feel free to ask us any questions about preseason if you're unsure! There will also be plenty of floor space available for those of you in halls! This week is heavily subsidised so is the best kayaking for money you'll ever find!

Over the course of the week there shall be: relaxed paddling to get back into it, 2 days of intermediate training with Chris Dickinson (certified legend), possible advanced training(to be confirmed), Slalom and Polo coaching by some of the best coaches in Scotland!
Sarah's weekly escapade: She thought it would be fun to get really ill during revision period and spent all of night last and this morning being sick into a toilet. She is currently loving life...
There are still places left so if you would like to book a place on this fantastic week of kayaking please email Andre at ap69 with your availability from Saturday 31st August to Sunday 8th September. Even if you can only make a few days feel free to come along for just the days you can make, but make sure you let us know which days you're planning on coming so we can book coaches.

In other news...Google has some nice trains as its logo today...  I'm currently too tired/ill to come up with anything interesting to say, apologies. 
Club Photo: 
To anyone interested in purchasing a lovely A3 copy of this year's
 Canoe Club Photo, the price will be a mere £2, so email Emily (ejs21) no later than Sunday to place your order! Money will be collected at the pub, and your photos ready to collect at the end of year bonfire on the 24th! (If you can't make it let me know, we will arrange somewhere else!)

Please write Sarah some lovely blog posts...
If you've been on a trip lately and want to write a blog post for it, please email Sarah (sjm33) to say that you're going to do it (so that not more than one person ends up writing one) and she will love you forever. If she isn't sent posts for every unblogged trip this semester (check here to see which ones have already been written about), she will pester you via facebook message, email and actual communication until you do so! 

And finally, this came up when I was searching for the cat picture of the week and I found it far too funny not to include. Here's a cat picture showing how I'll probably look by the end of the bonfire... Although unfortunately not that cute...

Keep up to date with us as well by friending us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and subscribing to us on YouTube. We've had a lot of new blog posts written lately - why not have a read of some of them! 

Much canoe love,
Sarah xx