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Weekly Email! 24/04/13

posted 21 May 2013, 12:50 by Canoe St Andrews

Afternoon Everyone! It’s a pretty long email this week because we’ve got so much fun stuff happening to help you get through boring deadlines and revision. Enjoy! 

Dates for your diary:
Sunday 28th April - SSS WWR!
Spaces filling up fast for the SSS WWR, the inaugural Scottish racing event organised by our very own Kirstie Macmillan, which is happening this Sunday. Even if you're not feeling overly confident in a kayak, it'll be a really fun day. Email Jon (jw200) to sign up or find out more. 
We've got a shiny trophy on the way...
Wednesday 1st May – May Dip
The 1st of May is fast approaching, and what better way to prepare for the cleansing of one's academic sins than with a Canoe club party? Plans are still being finalised, but it's looking like a party at Stratts' followed by a warm up at Andre's afterwards. There are no excuses for not wanting to join in - most of us will have been in much colder water whilst paddling in the winter anyway! The facebook event is here
Stratts is even keen to get naked. What more could you want?...
Saturday 4th May – Intermediate Trip
To reduce the woes of revision and lighten the mood, we’ve organised a day trip to the Nesk (probably) for you lovely intermediate people. Revision Trivia on request. Sign up by emailing gkw2 (Gina).

Sunday 5th May – 
Sea Paddle
Do you think at some point during fun revision times you would like to go for a sea paddle? Probably, on Sunday 5th we will get out into the fresh air and paddle either up or down the coast, stop for a picnic then paddle back, let Tim (trc3) know if you plan on paddling.
Last time we all got naked and covered ourselves in seaweed (see September on the naked calendar). It was great fun.
Thursday 9th May - Skills session at Grandtully
Keen to practise some essential river skills such as eddying in and out or ferry gliding and build up confidence on the water? Give yourself a welcome break from revision and come along to our skills session at Grandtully on the 9th May, all abilities welcome. EmailEmily (ejs21) to sign up.

Saturday  11th  May - Paddlesport Festival 
Lochore Meadows Outdoor Education Centre is holding a Paddlesport Festival on Lochore, Fife on 11th May 2013.  There are a number of workshops, supervised paddling sessions and Demo boats available for the day. It's just before exams but Rory is keen to go so if you are too, email him (rm82) to find out more. 
What is the fastest way to determine the sex of a chromosome? Pull down its genes (ahaha sorry, I ran out of canoe-related jokes in two weeks so have gone on to the second best topic...)
Saturday 25th – Tuesday 28th May – Summer Trip
Sun is shining, people are stressing, this means only one thing! Summer Trip is on the horizon! For those who might not know, this is one of the biggest trips of the year with almost 30 people canoeing for 4 days down a river, camping by the side of the river and having fun in the sunshine. Last year we paddled the Spey, before that the Tweed, this year our destination is the Dee! We need to get provisional numbers to ensure we get the right numbers of canoes so please email Andre (ap69) to sign up before spaces run out! Don't worry if your halls shut the day after the trip, there'll definitely be floorspace in someone's house. Any questions speak to Andre, Jon W or Izzie.

In other news… Tim wants you all to start saying 'hipster banter' instead of 'yolo'
BCU Lifeguards Award
Ever wanted to help out at an open water swimming event as a safety boater? If not you should! They often pay well at big events for trained safety kayakers! So if you'd like to become trained please email Andre (ap69) for more information. There are two courses in Scotland (but lots more down south). One course on 14th July at Loch Ore and a possibly another in Glasgow/Central area depending on interest on 13th July.

Kmac's kit for sale:
- Noseplugs, never used, never will! - FREE!
- Nookie neoprene gloves (medium), worn but got a few rivers left in them - £5
- IR Lucky Charm deck, tiny repair otherwise perfect, not for beginners! - £40
Email km732 for more details!

Please Help Doby!
If you haven’t heart yet, the club’s unofficial club mascot, Doby, needs surgery for elbow dysplasia in both front legs. If anyone could spare even a little bit of money, or just share the page amongst their friends then Doby would be extremely grateful! He’s extremely lovely (click on the link below to see pictures). Donations can be made at
Sarah's weekly escapades: She's spent far too much time for a first year working this week and is pretty sad about it. However, she promises to make up for it by getting veryy messy at Aqua Ball (apologies in advance... she'll still try to stay in a better state than Phil at Adrenaline Ball though...)
And here’s the cat picture of the week

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Hopefully I'll see a lot of you at Aqua Ball on Friday!

Lots of canoe love,
Sarah xx