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Weekly Email! 25/09/13

posted 1 Jan 2014, 09:38 by Canoe St Andrews
Afternoon everyone! Although it may be a fairly damp and dreary day, hopefully we can brighten your spirits tonight at Sinners! Event page is here - come dressed in one of the colours of the rainbow and get ready for a great night! If you can't make it, see how else you can get involved with canoe club this week below...
Dates for your diary:
Beginners' Trip - Saturday 5th October
beginners' trip to the river Dee with the wonderful Rory. It's a great opportunity to paddle on a river for the first time if you aren't coming on the freshers' trip/haven't paddled before or just to improve upon some of your skills if you have! Email rm82 if you're interested or talk to Rory at the pub! 
FRESHERS' TRIP THIS WEEKEND. I'm going to get drunkk (not too drunk) and nakedd (extremely naked). I will also be bringing ices...
Improvers/Intermediate Trip - Sunday 6th October
Whether you're a solid intermediate paddler looking to really nail those skills or just someone with a bit of river experience who wants to try a bit harder than the beginners trip then this trip is for you! The plan is to paddle the Ericht, the closest whitewater river to St Andrews with some fun grade 3. The ability to roll is not a must but you need to have a bit of whitewater experience! After this the more solid intermediates will paddle the Blackwater - a fun grade 4 gorge. Anyone keen should contact Jon (jrh8) to sign up!

4 Star Leadership Training - 9th and 10th November
Looking further ahead to the 9th/10th November we have a course designed to improve your leading on grade 2/3 water(similar to the Tay). If this sounds interesting to you, come chat to Andre at the pub or send him an email (ap69) so we can form you into a leader of kayakers!
In other news... The highest waterfall to have been paddled off is 186ft high. Probably shouldn't boof that one Rory...
Qualifications and Courses!
Could everyone with ANY qualifications in kayak, canoe or first aid add them onto this form please! 
This helps the club plan courses and know more about your paddling skills. Also, if there are any courses you see that you want to do, email Andre (ap69) and he'll try and sort it for you! :)
Feedback Form
If anyone who was part of the club last year would like to give some feedback to help the club improve and develop this year, please fill out this form. It'd be extremely helpful for us and we would love you all lots and lots. Banterful answers strongly encouraged.
Congrats to Stratts for writing her first blog post maybe ever. Although it was 930 words for just the one day...
Calling all Ladies including Rory
Gina wants you all to get naked! For those of you who don't know, each year Canoe Club makes a naked calendar for charity. It can often be a bit daunting getting naked for the first time with canoe so, to make it a bit easier for the girls to join in, we'll be having an all girls photo shoot on Wednesday. Meet at 7am at the boatshed and we'll go from there! 

Coaching training and pool time with Crispin!
Crispin runs East Neuk outdoor centre (where Kirstie and Duncan worked over the summer) and has offered to let aspiring coaches watch him take sessions and offer some coaching alongside this. The two times of his sessions are 6.30 at Madras Pool on Wednesday and Friday. Watching others coach is the best way to learn new coaching skills and improve your own abilities. For more information email Emily (ejs21) as she has already done a session
My life is boring so I have no fun weekly escapade to mention. However, Gina did come into the union last night and threw a "partially used" (her words) condom at me whilst I was working. You stay classy Gina.
Almost finally, here's a picture of our new "patio fire" (as described on amazon). It may look just like a fancy metal bin but I have been assured that it is 100% legit and will be amazing on the freshers' trip and all other camping trips. Says James...
If that link works, I will be extremely surprised...
And finally, keep up to date with us by friending us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and subscribing to us on YouTube. Our blog is a great way to see what we've been doing throughout last year too so please have a look. There'll be a preseason blog post added soon too! 

Have a lovely time at sinners if you're going! Coming from one of the most responsible and anti-drinking members of the club, don't get so drunk that you can't stand up or have to be carried home... Lucky we don't have any escalators for this to happen here...
Can any freshers read this yet? Let me know at the pub/freshers' trip! 
Lots of canoe love,
Sarah xx