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Weekly email: 29th September

posted 11 Oct 2010, 08:14 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 11 Oct 2010, 08:29 by Unknown user ]
Hey everyone,

Hope the first week is treating you well; here is the latest chat from Canoe Club:

Tay Descent & Perth Show 2010 - 23rd Oct
The Tay Descent is a great day's racing/touring down one of Scotland's biggest rivers. There are 3 lengths of race: 5 miles (grade 1), 9 miles and 23 miles (both grade 1-3) with a ceilidh and the Perth Show to top it off. Several people from the club are going to go so if you want to have a shot then please enter through the SCA website which you can find HERE. However please note that entries close tomorrow so if you want to enter you must do so by the end of Thursday!
Once you have entered then email Patrick (pj58) and transport will be arranged. The Perth Show is also going on that weekend - it's a huge discount kayak show where you can pick up all sorts of cheap gear. (Entry will be free to those doing the Descent). 

If that's not enough then a beginners trip to Stanley is also taking place that weekend. See Patrick in the pub next week for sign-up!

Freshers' Trip - 16th & 17th Oct
Attention all Freshers! At the end of week 3 we will be running our world famous Freshers' Trip of Magnificence! This is essentially an introductory weekend for all you keen beens to get your first taste of river paddling on a nice easy river (the Tay). Last year was epic with around 40 people on the trip and a lot of fun was had. This year will be run on similar lines with a two day paddle down the Tay from Loch Tay to Grandtully, heading back to the SCA campsite on the Saturday night for some partying. We want as many people as possible on this trip to make it as great as last year: Johnny and Issy will be taking sign-up in the pub on Thursday. Get on it! Any questions to Johnny (jh546) or Issy (ijns).

AU Ball - 17th Oct
From your Social Sec, Issy:

We have been invited as a club to attend the AU Ball on Sunday the 17th of Oct at the Fairmont Hotel. Dinner tickets are priced at £50 each with dinner starting at 19.20; and dance tickets for the Ceilidh and fireworks are £20 each. The observant amongst you will have noticed that the date coincides with the end of the Freshers' Trip on the same weekend, but do not fear, we will be back in time to get to the Fairmont for dinner. I am keen to get a table together to represent Canoe club to the rest of the AU and show them all how awesome we are, tables are booked in groups of 8, 10 or 12, so if you're keen email me asap (ijns) so I can book us in. Tickets are fairly pricey so no worries if you'd prefer just to dance instead; dance tickets can be bought individually the week before the ball. I think this would be a really nice way to end the Freshers Weekend and a great way to involve ourselves in the AU and meet other teams.

Pool Reopened
After Monday's unfortunate closure, the pool has reopened so please come on down tomorrow at 20.45 to St Leonard's. Pub session as usual, 10pm...

Anyone with a full UK/EU licence who wants to drive for us on trips needs to get in contact with Sarah ASAP (sed32). You will need to have both parts (paper & card) photocopied by the AU and then book a test. This is just a 15 minute familiarisation where you drive round St Andrews then park. Simples. Time is running short however, so contact Sarah now! 

Current drivers don't forget to re-register your licences...

Gear Sale
Pollyana is selling a blue and white Dagger, new in 2008 and still in great condition. For more info and queries please email her (pd58).

The club was also contacted by a guy who is selling a whole bunch of his gear:
Pyranah Ammo (Large, C30 outfitting). Only been used twice so great condition - £500
Nookie Dry Trousers (Large). Also not used much - £55
Nookie Assault Dry Cag (Large) - £100
Palm Symbiant BA (Medium) - £40
Yak Osprey Dry Cag (Large) - £50
Pyranah Recoil (Medium). "Used but not abused" - £350

If anyone is interested then email me (jd523) and I will pass on his contact details.

Website & Forum
Check out our cool new website at (it will re-direct you)
Also have a look at the forum on the website. This is where a lot of quotes, videos, ideas and general kayaking banter are bandied about the place so have a look and register yourself.

That's it for the moment, don't forget that there's a surf session down at East Sands today at 2pm.

See you around!