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Weekly Email! 30/10/13

posted 1 Jan 2014, 09:51 by Canoe St Andrews
Evening everyone! Our weekly email is finally back to a normal length this week - thank goodness! However, we have a halloween house crawl tomorrow evening, Adrenaline Ball the next, a sea paddle and picnic on Saturday and then Raisin on Sunday so it's definitely not a quiet week! Have a read and see what you want to get involved with! 

Dates for your diary:
Halloween House Crawl - TOMORROW (Thursday)
Come along to one of our renowned house crawls tomorrow evening at ?? for some Halloween fun! Wear fancy dress if you have something, BYOB and get ready for a great night! 
I will be coming dressed as the party clock. Drink o'clock, tops off o'clock and 5,10,15 second drinking games to be expected...
Adrenaline Ball - Friday 1st November
I hope you're all looking forward to what is doubtlessly the best event in the semester! As some of you may know, Canoe are going in PURPLE - do with it what you will. It can be anything from a modest lilac tie, to a full-body violet jumpsuit, but make sure you're sporting something! Remember to pick up your tickets from Hugo if you haven't already Rascals on Thursday is your last chance! Event page is here and pre-drinks for those going to dinner and a pot luck for those who aren't to be arranged soon! 
Although I'll hopefully stay slightly more sober than last time I was the party clock when all the all the alcohol at the castle had to be finished
Sea Paddle and Picnic - Saturday 2nd November
We'll be going for a relaxed paddle along the coast for a couple of hours, before getting out of our boats and having a picnic on shore and then paddling back afterwards. We'll probably do a naked photo too. We'll be meeting at 10.30am (to give everyone enough time to sober up after Adrenaline Ball and not be too hungover) and should be back mid afternoon. The trip will be free too as we aren't using transport! Let Gina know (gkw2) if you're keen. 
And I'll definitely not be getting on a bike with a very drunk James this time...
Pool Sessions - Monday and Tuesdays, 8.15pm - 9.15pm
Pool sessions as usual this week at Madras College, Kilrymont Road - see on a map here. You can sign up here if you're keen to learn some skills in warm water! 

Polo Matches - Wednesday 6th November
We're thinking of starting an informal polo championship within the club. Not entirely sure how it will eventually run, still a work in progress! The idea so far is to have balanced teams made up on the day with a set of matches played and refereed. The idea is to give a more structured polo game with all the rules in place, allowing everyone to improve their skills, which can be transferred to the river! If this sounds like a cool idea and would be interested, come along to the sea session on the 6th and email Andre(ap69) so he can start making teams. (if you're not keen don't worry, there will still be normal paddling and coaching!)
Sarah's weekly escapade: She did two loch bags at the weekend and is now in second place! Rory will be beaten...
Spaces on the Beginners' Training - 9th/10th November
There are 2 spaces on this exciting chance to improve your paddling skills with an external(i.e. awesome!) coach! It will be on grade 2/3 rivers with Alex Lumsden coaching you down the rivers Tay and Teith. This is a weekend trip so leaves on Saturday morning and returns as paddling Goddesses/Gods on the Sunday evening. Please email Andre(ap69)to book a space or chat to him or Beth at the pub for more information!

SSS Slalom - Saturday 16th November
Anyone interested in SSS Slalom email Jon (jw200). Easy slalom in a pool (no prior experience needed), potentially followed by a night out in Dundee. Always a good laugh, but entries close soon.

In other news...I hope all the alumni have a lovely time this weekend on their trip! 
Last chance for naked photo submissions!
If anyone has a naked photo submission that they haven't sent Gina yet, could they please do so ASAP at gkw2 or she won't be able to use it. 
Just like snowflake photo shoot that she also won't be using. That should never have happened..
SSS WWR - Anyone keen to help organise?
Following on from last year's success, SSS WWR will be held again next semester! It's a race down from the SCA get on to the bottom of Grandtully, with lots of prizes and medals if you win! The event website from last year is here if you want to have a look and get a bit more information about it.  James is organising it this year, with Tim helping out with the Ceilidh. Please contact James (jm2252) if you're keen to help our or want to know more information. 

Alps 2k14  
You may have started to hear the phrase Alps 2k14 uttered in hushed voices in dark alleyways or in the corner of Rascals. The rumours are true. Alps 2k14 is being conceived. To go on this trip at the end of June you should be pretty confident on grade 3 and have run some grade 4s, and also have a pretty good roll. The cost should not be more than £450. If less, you will be reimbursed. We will be asking for a £100 deposit for anyone keen in a few weeks time, but for now we are asking anyone who has a car that they would be able to bring to the Alps to get in contact with Jon (jw200), so him and Amy can work out how many spaces are available. 

Also, pugs are my new thing. Even if almost all of you hate them. Look how cute it is!!
Did you know that the fear of long words is called hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia
I should also say a huge congratulations to Beth McInnes, our new Sub-Honours Rep, and Jasmine Hansen, our second Social and Fundraising Convenor

And finally, keep up to date with us by friending us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and subscribing to us on YouTube. Our blog is great and has just had a lot of new additions - give it a read!

Lots of Canoe Love,
Sarah xx

P.S. Committee meeting minutes attached too!