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Weekly Email 3rd November

posted 3 Nov 2010, 16:27 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 3 Nov 2010, 16:28 by Unknown user ]
Hey everybody,

Trip Costs
Trip costs are now being put on the forum so everyone knows how much they owe to Calum... Please have a look and try to pay Calum soon so we have money to spend on fun things like paddles and coaching! For those who don't know what/where the forum is, try here...

AU Sports Day
On Wednesday 17th, the AU is hosting a Sports Day, involving sack races, egg and spoon races and the like, at the Sports Centre from 1-3pm. It's aimed at academic families so get in contact with yours and come along, or just turn up anyway. 

World famous Film maker comes to St Andrews
We will be hosting the first date of the world famous adventurer and film maker Olaf Obsommer's UK film tour on Thursday 25th November.  All you guys have to do is.....
1) Join the facebook group
2) Invite anyone you know that is remotely adventurous to join
3) Get keen, this will be awesome

Volunteering Opportunities
There are still spaces available on the AU Focus Outreach Programme volunteering opportunities. For the benefit of those that missed the email sent out over the summer the activities include:

* 12-15 students to run a top link conference, which teaches local
    secondary school kids how to be sports leaders. You will be
    trained up to do the job!
  * Buddy system for Fitness Suite users with disabilities.

If you are interested in either of these then please email Sarah (sed32), we should be getting more detailed information through on this sometime soon!

General Conditioning...
...will not be running during Reading Week! However our Strength and Conditioning session will still run at 2pm Friday next week in the Fitness Suite.

Polo Sub-Committee
Anyone interested in helping Patrick out with the organisation of our polo teams this year please email Patrick (pj58). Places are limited so rampant keenness and enthusiasm is recommended!

Intermediate/Advanced Trip?
James is thinking of organising a trip in Reading Week dependent on people's availability and our transport situation. If you are potentially keen to go on such a trip and are happy on grade 3/4 then please email James (jm2252) ASAP with when you are free so he can get things in motion. There is a possibility that a 4* coach could be paddling with us for free dependent on what days the trip runs... 

Club Clothing... in the pipeline - standby till after Reading Week!

Here endeth the email for this week, have an awesome Reading Week and see you after!