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Weekly email: 6th October

posted 11 Oct 2010, 08:15 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 11 Oct 2010, 08:28 by Unknown user ]
Hi everyone,

Here's the latest:

Driving test sign-up
There are 6 more driving test slots coming up on Monday 18th October. These are going to be the last for a while so please think about doing it as the club is running a bit short on drivers. To sign up take both parts (paper and plastic) of your licence into the AU office for photocopying - there aren't many left so get on it soon!

Club EGM
This year's Extraordinary General Meeting will take place on Thursday 21st October in The Rule. This meeting is where we elect two of our committee members for the next year, so all you potential committee candidates out there, LISTEN UP!

The first position available is for Sub-Honours Rep. This position is open to all 1st and 2nd years taking sub-honours modules and is designed to create a link between the committee and our sub-honours members. As a committee member you will have to attend meetings (every fortnight or so) and help organise club events such as trips and fundraising. 

The second position available is for Beginners Rep. This is open to any beginners in the club and is a really important role as you will ensure beginners are being looked after in the club. Duties are similar to that of Sub-Honours Rep but with more focus on getting to know the club's beginners and ensuring that club activities involve everyone.

If you want any more information on the different roles then contact your current Sub-Honours Rep, James McMahon (jm2252) or Beginners Rep, Emma Cottell (elc46)!

First Aid Kits
Could anyone with a club first aid kit floating around their house/car/shed please return it to the boatshed ASAP as an inventory needs to be done. To try and minimise the quantity of faff involved with chasing first aid kits around, it is now going to be the responsibility of trip organisers to ensure they are back in the shed after trips. That said, you can make their lives easier by doing it yourself and telling them!

Safe Driving
In Canoe Club we depend on our drivers to get us out into the wilds to our favourite rivers; we wouldn't get far without them. We have to drive along many small roads and as a result safety is our primary concern. Therefore if you see anyone driving too fast or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable then please ask them to tone it down. The committee really want to ensure safe driving this year so please don't feel embarrassed to ask someone to slow down; a simple request is all it takes.

Beginners Trips
For all of you who haven't made it onto the Freshers' trip in time (and also for those that have), never fear: several more beginners trips are in the pipeline for the weekends that follow - details will be sent out in this email nearer the time so keep those dates free! In the meantime please check the calendar on our website for all our upcoming events.

Adrenaline Ball date
On the subject of keeping dates free the Adrenaline Ball has now been set for Friday 19th November (the Friday of Raisin Weekend) in the Scores Hotel. This is one of the two balls we organise alongside other extreme sports clubs and is a brilliant night, with a dinner, ceilidh and disco. More info nearer the time...

Nothing else from me just now but take a couple of minutes to check out our recent trips and summer shenanigans on our blog... People who I've asked to write a report, please email it to me and I'll stick it up!