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Weekly email! (WARNING: Copious amounts of nudity needed). - 17/10/12

posted 6 Nov 2012, 11:32 by Canoe St Andrews
Morning all, (I can't remember the last time I got this email out before midday...)
Thanks to all of you who came on the pretty big Dee trip, we hope you all had a great time. Here are even more opportunities for you to come kayaking:

Before you read this, make sure you come down to the boatshed at 1:15pm (not 2pm as originally stated) for the canoe club's naked calendar photo shoot.

Dates for your diary:

Thursday 18th October - Pool session
For those of you who still haven't been to a pool session yet, why not? Come along to St Leonard's pool (here's how to get there) at 8:45pm on Thursday for one hour, followed by Rascals and drinking. Again on Monday 22nd, but at 7:45pm. You won't regret it. Rory, topless, is some of the best eye-candy ever created.

Friday 19th October - (Another) Naked calendar shoot (now I've got Rory's attention, I'll continue...)
This week on Friday at 4pm we will be having a naked photo taken for the Athletic Union's naked calendar. Different sports clubs have been given different months to do and we have the month March with an Easter theme! So if you want to be involved in the photo come down to East Sands Beach (the slipway) at 4pm on Friday.

Wed 24th October - House Crawl/Sinners
Currently unsure of the pregame plans, whether it will be a house crawl, but we will potentially be getting Dundee and Edinburgh canoe clubs involved, so it could be a chance for you guys to meet them. What we are sure of, is that it is guaranteed to be the BIGGEST SINNERS EVER, with the main bar of the union being rented out as well as Venue 1. Keep the date free, and make sure you don't have anything on the Thursday morning.

Saturday 27th October - Ridiculously Unmissable Raisin Trip and Perth Show!
Kick of your Raisin Weekend, by coming on a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious beginner's trip to somewhere on the Tay! We'll do some skills, play some games and paddle some cool rapids before heading into Perth where a small fee will get you into the BIGGEST kayaking show in Scotland! Here you can buy cheap kit from wetsuit boots to brand new boats and everything in-between! Details and advanced entry tickets can be bought here. Sign-up for this trip in the pub on Thursday to Kirstie Mac with a £5 deposit at the ready! If you want to stay for the ceilidh on the evening please let Kirstie know before you purchase a ticket (£7) and we'll see if it's worth organising a little social in St Andrews on the night instead.

Wednesday 31st October - Going green for Halloween
On Wednesday 31st October we will be going to cambo estate (just outside of St Andrews) to do some work in the small forested area we went to last year. Last year we went to this area and did some tree planting, so we will be able to see how our trees from last year have got on. We will be working with someone from the estate team there and doing some ivy pulling and then bonfiring everything we’ve pulled after it! It will be an afternoon trip starting around 1.30pm/2pm and last most of the afternoon (exact timings still to be confirmed). Last year it was great fun and I’m sure this year it will be even better! Email Kirstie Main at kam22 if keen to come so we know numbers to book transport, thank you.

In other news... My love for LM is like diarrhoea, I can't hold it in.

Competition to be on the front cover of our naked calendar!

So by now you will all hopefully know we are doing a naked calendar for charity this year. We need a front cover, so are looking on you lovely lot to send in some wonderful canoe themed naked photos of yourself (or as a group if you wish). And the prize… to be on the front cover!! Send all photo entries to Kirstie Main at kam22.

And that's all for this week. To summarise: Get naked. Friend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to us on YouTube, and read our Blog.

Cat picture of the week (which is what I looked like this morning).

Pythagoras walks into a bar muttering, "If a right-angled triangle has a short side, X, a long side, Y, and hypotenuse, Z, then the square of Z must be equal to the sum of the square of X and the square of, ummm... uh..." The barman says, "Y, the long face?"

See you at the boatshed at 1:15pm for some nudity.