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Committee Minutes


posted 8 Sep 2016, 09:40 by Canoe St Andrews

StAUCC Committee Minutes

Date:  06.09.16

Time: 1400

Location: The Rule

Present: EW, BP, KHad, AP, CP, SL, JAxe, CJ, AT, JM

Absent: PS

Apologies: SC, HC

Late: GG (1413)

Honorary mention: Amy Bretherton for being awesome


Former glories

·         Summer Trip

o   Great success!

o   Get in touch w/ Perth about boat

·         Alps Alps Alps

o   Greater success!

o   Every year from now on?

·         Post Grad give it a go

o   v. good - more to come?

·         Preseason

o   "A f**king great success"

§  Dre, 2016


Upcoming dates

·         7th and 9th = Give it a go Sessions

o   ALL to be there

o   Meet @ 1300, boatshed

§  JM to post on Leaders' page

o   Friday: combine w/ GeogSoc

o   Tea/coffee to be provided?

§  Biscuits, hot juice?

o   Cake!

o   Mr Canoe?

·         10th Sports Fayre and Bonfire

o   Fayre

§  1000-1600

§  Let the record show that Sam does not like Sports Fayre

§  Bring laptops & any canoe kit you can

·         Wear club sunglasses

§  JM to bring posters & flyers

§  Min. 5 people there at any one time

·         JM to do rota & put on leaders' committee & canoe pages

o   Bonfire

§  2000-LATE

§  Several other bonfires @ same time. Make ours best!


·         Get on it post-sinners

§  Pallets

·         JAxe has ~6, AU should be in touch w/ more

·         All help to find/move

·         Leaders Trip

o   SL is publicising

o   As many 2nd yrs as possible!

o   Grade 3/4 stuff. Tummel/Nesk?

o   Wild camping this year.

·         Freshers Trip

o   24th-5th Sept.

o   BP organising, but can no longer go

o   Securing kit from Dundee

o   ~50 people going

o   Campsite £6pp

o   All to publicise from the word go!

o   Leader:Fresher ratios to be worked out!

·         Exec Trip

o   KHad to run

§  Weekend after FT

o   Leaders needed

§  BP, JAxe, JM?

·         Ball

o   12th Nov, Hotel du Vin

o   Organisation: good job so far!

§  Looking into Ceilidh bands


Standing Items

·         Finance Update

o   Outstanding cheque: in progress, for beaters.



o   Publicity, Pub, Pool, Sea Sessions, Bonfire

§  Pool sessions

·         Publicise & attend!




·         Money, Money, Money

o   Trip Pricing

§  General ballpark pricing beforehand, rather than specifics?

§  Difficult to price up before it happens, and can disappoint people.

o   Tilt

§  Download it to phones! Use usual logins.

§  Encourage Freshers to use it!

o   Membership

§  Recent increase - £35 year, £20 semester.

·         Free sunglasses!

·         Still reasonable, should not affect how many people sign up, but boost for the club. Particularly in wake of budget cuts i.e. transport!

·         Should have been more discussion beforehand

§  Membership plan to remain simple, rather than overcomplicate w/ other options.

§  Alumni?

·         Previously: Day Membership.

·         What to do w/ Alumni who use different amounts of club kit/resources

·         Flat yearly rate for Alumni in St Andrews all year?

o   £45?

o   Case-by-case basis?

·         New day rate?

o   £2 trip, +£4 for kit hire?

o   No charge if drivng/help rather than hindrance?

o   Again, look case-by-case.

o   Club Debt

§  New limits for whether you can go on trips or not:

·         £60?

§  To be affected by how long debt has been owed?

§  In future: cut off of 1 month for getting reciepts in.

·         Polo, Polo, Polo

o   Be positive about Polo!

§  Particularly for Freshers.

o   Friendlies

§  SL to organise.

·         Week 5?

o   Ref course

§  In Edinburgh, 8th Oct?

§  How to fund - club/AU/personal payment?

·         1/3, 1/3, 1/3?

·         Coaching budget?

·         Pub, Pub, PUB!!!

o   This Thursday: BIG session

§  As big a committee & leader presence as possible!

§  Publicise

·         Stickers, food, games

o   Everyone: buy drinks!

·         Sinners

o   AT has all 35 tickets, £8 each.

o   First come, first served. No reserving; be at Predrinks @ Castle to buy.

o   Promote as much as possible!

·         Club Calendar

o   Can anyone help Dr Dre make it more fun? :)

§  JM to assist?

·         EGM

o   Thurs. 15th

o   Replacing PS & HC?

o   1min speech for each, plus questions

o   All committee to attend!



·         CP to get driving!

·         JM - flyers and posters!

o   About to print. To be spread & handed out by as many as possible.

o   20 colour posters, 500 A5 flyers.

·         Get Freshers more involved in the club!

o   Invite them to events, take them out for coffee/drinks/banter!

o   Message them, include them.

o   3rd Years: adopt them!

·         Walking buses:

o   KHad, EW, JAxe? from fountain

o   JM, BP? from DRA/AU

o   CD, RR? from Albany

·         Things we can improve on:

o   Converting Social members

o   Vehicle stuff

o   Committee discussion

o   Faff/organisation

o   Attendence?

o   Committee issues getting too personal?

o   People making an effort w/ tying on boats etc.

·         JM: Weekly email tomorrow & Sunday. Send me stuff!

·         BP: Alps refunds

o   SL: soon!

·         AP: Send Canoe stuff using Canoe email!

·         CJ: promote us in Halls chats!

·         KHad says thank you :D :D :D




Meeting ended: 1545

Next meeting: 20.09.16, 1700 @ The Rule


posted 6 May 2016, 11:54 by Canoe St Andrews

StAUCC Committee Minutes

Date:  03.05.16

Time: 1730

Location: The Rule

Present: BP, JM, SL, Jaxe, Khad, GG, SC, AT, CJ

Apologies: CP, HC, (AP)

Late: EW


Former glories

·         Revision week trip was excellent

·         Sinners was good, but not enough tickets

·         Boatshed clean? Not much happened - future date to be set.

o   Surf session was excellent

·         May Dip

o   Absolute success


Upcoming dates

·         Summer Trip

o   In the works; hopefully getting some more Canoes

§  Glenalmond looking positive?

·         Post-exam Etive trip?

o   18th/19th June

§  18th would clash with exams

§  19th would clash with bonfire

·         Bonfire on the 19th

o   Awards form is being filled out, v. successful so far

o   Pallets?

§  Khad to email Elaine

·         ALPS TRIP

·         End of year rodeo

o   Tuesday 10th

Standing Items

·         Gear

o   Inventory to be done

o   Re-affiliation done

·         Action Points to be done



·         Sarah's boat

o   General consensus is: no

o   Not to be bought

·         Pool session/sea session turnout

o   Pool sessions:

§  More structure

·         Specific skill each week?

·         Signup sheets (poll?) for attendees?

o   'Strike' system for absences

o   Same deal for leaders' poll?

§  People to learn how to teach

·         Level 1 for next year

o   Sea sessions:

§  Have a set plan each time?

§  Or give people options?

§  Leaders' signups; all sign up for at least 1 week at begining of the semester?

·         Khad to mock up spreadsheet for next semester.

·         Blog posts

o   Polo

o   Sam's trip

o   JM to chase people up!

·         Sponsorship

o   Had a meeting with The Rule

§  Can't guarantee any more money due to refurbishments

§  Pub on Thurs. needs to be earlier - food will be at 20:00.

·         Need to let them know by Wed. lunchtime how many there will be.

o   This will be tricky if not impossible. Solutions?

o   Corporate sponsorship

§  AT, Georgia & CP have meeting this week

·         Freshers' week

o   JM to email about BBQ

o   Committee Meeting to be had the week before

o   All web, media & publicity stuff to be sorted in time

o   No pool sessions, just sea

o   Social to be organised

§  On the Tuesday

o   GiaG session on Wed.

§  ALL committee/leaders to be there

o   Sinners Wed. evening - payments online

o   GiaG on Fri. as well

§  Same deal as before

o   Bonfire on the Friday night.

o   Sports Fayre on Saturday morning.

·         FRESHERS' TRIP

o   Drivers to be secured etc.

·         Leaders' Trip

o   PS to sort

·         Club kit

o   Playerlayer being uncommunicative

o   HC to organise polls etc. and discover what people would like



·         SL

o   Transport budget due

§  Bad job done of updating it

·         Questions raised - NSR Silver, 10 days instead of 8 for Level 1

o   Make sure to fill out transport forms correctly

§  AU details have come in, £2000 spent on vehicles, £600 left in budget

o   In future: keys and vehicles to be picked up earlier?

·         AT

o   Awards procedure?

§  Plates first (bonfire), then online.

·         BP

o   Potential for Tom Powell to come on Summer Trip

§  Boats and places to be counted first.



Meeting ended: 1840

Next meeting: NEXT SEMESTER!


posted 21 Apr 2016, 07:59 by Canoe St Andrews

StAUCC Committee Minutes

Date:  19.04.16

Time: 1730

Location: The Rule

Present: Khad, JAxe, EW, CP, AT, SL, CJ, SC, JM, AP

Late: GG (1806)

Apologies: HC, CJ, (AP (away for extended period))


Former glories

·         BUCS Polo

o   Huge success, great parties

·         Aqua Ball

o   All fine

·         Polo practice

o   v. successful

o   Pleased w/ coach

·         Nesk River Race

o   AP 3rd in Iron Man


Upcoming dates

·         Sam's Trip

o   Date: likely Friday

o   Tummel?

o   Some beginners:

§  Amy, Bronte, Alycia…

o   Leaders:

§  Sarah, JM, EW, BP, Stratts?

o   Drivers:

§  2 or 3? Hugo?

·         Geog. beach clean next Wed (27th)

o   During Sea Session

o   Shed clean too?

o   1600: leaders to help w/ geog. dept

·         End of year bonfire: 19th May

o   Wood sourced

o   People to publicise

·         End of year awards

o   Committee to head up Google form

o   Start thread on page to update awards!

·         Summer trip: 20th-23rd

o   4 drivers sorted

o   Get as many canoes as possible!

o   Everyone publicise


Standing Items

·         Finance update

o   All coaching paid for

o   Still need to finish pricing up: BUCS Polo & Dre's Weekend

o   LOTS owed in club debt

o   Cheque to clear to hostel

·         Gear - inventory

o   Get it done

·         Club photo

o   Buy them!!

o   Before tomorrow

·         Sinners

o   Tickets sorted

o   Tai's house for pres



·         Freshers' Trip

o   24th-25th Sept.

o   People to organise?

§  GG, HC & BP?

·         Leaders' Trip

o   16th-17th Sept.

o   Patrick to organise

§  Under guidance of KH!!!

·         (Let the record show that KH will slap him if he pulls any funny business)

·         Keys for town boat club?

o   No.

·         Freshers Fayre BBQ

o   JM to organise

§  Email Elaine & Sarah Thompson

·         End of year feedback forms

o   Googe form format

o   JM to organise

o   Generic questions

§  Why joined, what you like, etc. etc.



·         JAxe

o   We bought a boat!

§  Burn II, £175 used. Amazing bargain.

§  Has already been christened 'Pumpkin'

·         AT

o   We bought Twister!

·         SL

o   May Dip!

§  Flat crawl

·         Beggining at EW's flat

·         Ending at Tai's

§  Trip the day before

§  Bonfire in the morning?

§  Food & booze kitty

·         Sam to sort?

·         BP

o   Naked photos on trips

·         EW

o   Don't promise trip costs beforehand

o   Playerlayer stuff isn't great

§  EW & CP going to have another meeting to sort it out

§  Club onesies?

o   Khad to email Jasmine about the hats

·         CP

o   Sponsorship meeting w/ Rule

§  Hopefully next week

o   Club Snapchat?

§  Also CJ mentioned revamping Club Twitter & introducing Instagram

·         KHad

o   Let's buy more straps!

§  JAxe & BP to sort

·         Also more airbags

·         Make sure to go through EW



Meeting ended: 1818

Next meeting: 03.05.16, @ 1730


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StAUCC Committee Minutes

Date:  5.4.16

Time: 1800

Location: The Rule

Present: Khad, JAxe, AP, EW, HC, CP, AT, SL, CJ, SC, JM

Apologies: BP

Late: GG

Welcome new members!

  • All write names, positions, 2 things you want to achieve in role, plus 1 thing personally and 1 you want club to achieve

    • Cards to be returned to people after a year to see if they have achieved them

  • People to go to lots of pool sessions!

  • Social secs to have at least 1 person at each social.

  • Turn up to committee meetings on time!

  • People need to organise trips.

  • Be friendly to everyone :)

    • Face of the club - we are ambassadors now.

  • AP  - Development Page on website

    • Tasty picture avec SuperDre handwriting

      • Explaining qualifications

        • Stars, levels, safety qaulifications

          • e.g. 2-5*, WWSR etc.

        • Courses offered

          • Club subsidises 1/3, AU subsidises 1/3. Solid deal.

        • V useful for coaching, leading, summer jobs etc.

  • SL: budgets

    • 3 main pots:

      • Transport fund from AU

        • Requires topping up occasionally

        • We don't really touch the money, we just book transport w/ AU and it is used to pay

      • Development budget

        • Subsidises coaching trips etc.

      • Equipment budget

        • Previously a matter of requesting money each time kit bought

        • Lump sum from now on - planning needed, but should be easier

    • Potential for Events budget and Safety budget in future??

      • Would be very useful

    • We aslo get funding for BUCS & SSS competitions

  • KHad/AP/JM: passwords, email & drive

    • Everyone knows passwords

    • Email system explained, JM to be in charge of sorting/forwarding

    • People to action/acknowledge emails to do with them

    • Keep the tab open and keep checking email!

    • Using Drive & booking transport explained

      • Khad to book transport!

      • All drivers to fill in forms for trips

        • £50 fine if forgotten!

  • SL: deposits

    • Super-useful online payment introduced by SL

    • If organising trip, make sure everyone pays, then check using email 'Sent' folder that they have paid

      • People must pay deposits to get on trips

      • All reciepts to EW ASAP after trip

  • Keep talking to members, keep bringing up stuff at meetings :)

Former glories

  • Cupar Pool sesh

    • Was awesome!

    • All polo boats, plus playboat

      • All in all a great success

    • To be repeated!

  • AP's soul-destroyingly wet weekend

    • Huge success

    • People went from unceratin on Grad II to running Grade IV

    • SL: seemed expensive for the club even though subsidised by Development fund

      • AP: had to use up remaining fund

      • Will cost £15 for members as opposed to £50

        • Not goin to happen in future unfortunately


Standing Items

  • EW - accounts

    • Fuel reciepts needed!

    • Coaching paid

    • Etive & NSR still need pricing up

    • Wall of Shame needs updating

  • Gear

    • Tent sorted out

    • Polo paddles to be collected by SL & EW on 6.4.16

  • Aqua Ball

    • Everything up and running

    • Get everyone keen

    • AT & CP to sort out predrinks at Stratts & Sarah's

      • Potluck for non-dinner people?

    • There is a ceilidh band

  • All handovers complete except for KHad --> SL

  • Club photo

    • CJ has it sorted

      • Logos 'shopped on, printing to be sorted

  • Beach clean

    • RR to sort

    • SC to convene on that

      • Handover opportunity

  • Insurance renewal

    • JAxe to look into?

Upcoming dates

  • Aqua Ball 8.4.16

  • BUCS Polo practice 10.4.16

  • Private trip 4 Nesk River Race 16.4.16

  • BUCS Polo 15.4.16 - 17.4.16

  • Summer Trip 20.5.16 - 23.5.16

    • SC & EW on it


  • Preseason!

    • AP plans 18 places


      • Let people know.

      • Let everyone know.

    • Its praises are sung by all who have attended before

  • Sponsorship/club fundraising: AT & CP

    • Talk to Amy & Tim

    • Renewing contract w/ Rule?

    • Do everything from Drive

    • 'Promise Auction' as a possible fundraising opportunity for the club?

  • Trips: SL

    • Fun trip in the next few weeks?

    • BUCS polo weekend for non-poloers?

      • Possibly not - Nesk River Race

    • Revision week as a good opportunity

      • People keen to go

      • SL keen to organise

        • CP to help organise

  • Club kit: KHad

    • CP & AT to chat to RR

    • Hoodie?

    • Committee kit?


  • CP/AT

    • Event for next week?

      • Thursday?

        • Khad's birthday!

  • SL

    • Sinners to be organised before next meeting

      • CP & AT on it.

        • Dundee?

        • Or maybe not, given proximity to exams?

          • Possibly next semester.

  • EW

    • St Leonards

      • Talk to them about coaching & pool use

        • Money for the club, coaching for the children, better pool than Madras for us.

        • Rota for coaching?

      • KH going to make contact w/ St L's again on pool use as well

      • EW, CJ & SC to convene under KHad for this

      • Level 1 needed


  • CJ

    • Cameras brought along to pool

  • SC

    • BASE

      • More people involved?

        • Tell people at pub!

      • AT & CP to get on board

      • CJ to do Facebook post

      • SC to do blog post

  • JM

    • Committee page still old committee

      • Khad aware, all being sorted

    • Weekly email!

      • Send JM stuff!

      • Secret messages!

Meeting ended: 1910

Next meeting: 19.4.16, 1730 @ The Rule


posted 6 Apr 2016, 12:39 by Canoe St Andrews

StAUCC Committee Minutes

Present: HF, EW, KHad , SL, SC ,ES , AP,AT,CJ, HC, CP,FL,RR, CM, JAxe, BP, JAdams, JM

Former glories

  • Creek race, Joe A did esp well

  • First Aid Course good

  • Level 1 good

  • Bra collecting

    • Any more bras feel free to give to CM

  • Canoe Across

    • RR good

    • Loads of money raised

Standing Items

  • Alps Update

    • Chrissy D is going there

      • But he is doing how own stuff

    • 8 folk signed up

  • Pool sessions

    • Back on 11 April

    • Week 10

  • Surf Session

    • Looking like good surf tomorrow

  • Alternatives to pool sessions while no pool on

    • Film nights

    • Social secs on it

    • Tropical house night a shout

  • Gear officers

    • Decks in BP’s house

    • Boat review – get rid of rubbish boats

    • inventory

    • Good to go through inventory for insurance

    • Splits

      • Get labelled

      • On inventory

    • Group tent

      • Needed for BUCS POLO in 2 weeks

      • Needs dried eg house

  • Aqua ball

    • If want to help AR with Aqua Ball esp Social Secs

    • No band atm

    • Launch Party Thursday


    • Wet Weekend

      • Pool Friday Before

      • Coaching out west

    • BUCS POLO Practise

    • BUCS POLO 15-17 Apr

      • 21 folk inc Alumni

    • Nesk River Race

      • Private trip

      • AP is Point of Contact


    • 20th to 23rd May

SL and KH want some help to org

  • AT and EW and SC to help org

  • Borrowing Canoes

    • UHI are good to borrow canoes off


  • Handover

    • Do docs and email to handee

    • New committee send in profiles

    • Hand over meeting

      • Get it done before next meeting

    • Handover dinner

      • Next Week

      • Week 11

      • Socials organise

  • Club calendar

    • New committee need to org comp, courses

    • Courses:

      • Ideas for courses:

        • Pinkston

        • More surf boating

        • More canoeing

        • 3* interest white water

        • 4* Assessment

        • Level two coaching qualification

        • More polo coaching

        • Possible training session specific to comp before comp

        • Any more ideas/ stuff you are keen on let Dre know

  • Geography goes kayaking

    • 27 Apr

    • After Sea session

  • This year we are a SCA focus club

    • More training

    • More kit

    • Help with Management

    • SCA guy next week

  • Boat shed clean

    • With Surf etc

    • Gear get sorted

    • Chat to Surf: Deneel

  • Environmental Event

    • RR get litter picker uppers for clean

    • With Surf etc

    • Bird boxes

      • Put up bird boxes

        • Or give to local schools or Rainbows etc

  • Group Photos

    • JM or CP to sort

    • A3 colour

    • Silly  and normal

    • On sale before summer

    • £2 ish

    • Put is weekly email

    • Get orders at pub

  • New committee meeting

    • Put a poll up


  • SL

      • Equipment fund change

      • Equipment fund will be lumped together with other funding from AU

      • Doc by Friday to say how we well spend fund

      • SL and Gear work together to plan

    • SSS Slalom

      • Alva

    • Garry Boatocross

      • End of July

  • AP

    • 22 May: National Celebration of Paralympic Kayaking

      • Need folk to coach and learn about folk who have physical disabilities

  • JAxe

    • Liquid logic Hoss £195, cheap for boat.

      • For intermediate or beginner

  • BP

    • FL and JM

    • Sort Mellissa’s stuff

    • Buoyancy aid flotation test

  • JM

    • Changing committee on fb

      • Committee Admins on Canoe group

      • Committee group

  • KHad

    • BUCS POLO need to tape paddles

      • Gorilla tape round edges

      • Arolodyne

  • HF

    • Well done to committee this year

    • All the best to next year’s committee

AGM 09.3.16

posted 16 Mar 2016, 12:19 by Canoe St Andrews

AGM Minutes STAUCC 09/03/2016

Name Change:
St Andrews University Canoe Club (STAUCC) – Emily Stratton
St Andrews University Canoe and Kayak (STAUCK) – Hugo Fairclough
Did not achieve, 2/3 majority not achieved as per constitution so motion not passed remain as STAUCC
Sam Financial update
Kathryn Haddick, Sam Lloyd, Patrick Styles, Jamie Mackay
Jamie Mackay
Kathryn Haddick
Sam Lloyd 
Patrick Styles (Via recorded video)
Lack of drivers; any incentives for drivers
How to get freshers hooked?
How get people progressed?
Kathryn Haddick
Vice-Captain and Competitions 
Sam Lloyd, Patrick Styles
1st Sam
2nd Patrick (Via recorded video)
How to improve from this year? 
Improve attendance?
Sam Lloyd 
Jamie Mackay
Chloe Jones
Lottie Kelly
Chloe Jones
Lottie Kelly
Jamie Mackay
How to incentivise folk to write blog posts 
Jamie Mackay
Eleanor Wright, Chloe Payne
Chloe Payne
Eleanor Wright
How can you manage your time? 
Charities and Outreach
Lottie Kelly, Sean Carroll 
Sean Carol (Through the medium of Sarah Mitchel)
Lottie Kelly
Sean Carroll 
Development Officer 
Andre Philips 
Web and Publicity Officer 
Lottie Kelly, Chloe Jones
Chloe Jones, Lottie Kelly
Improve on Fresher’s Week?
Chloe Jones
Social and Fundraising Convenor
Nominees: Alice Tetley, Chloe Payne, Phoebe Codona, Catherine Sheldon
Alice, Phoebe, Chloe
Sinners Themes
Balls Aqua and Adrenaline, mix it up?
Alice Tetley, Chloe Payne
Nominees: Ben Powel
Ben Powel 
Joe Axe, Patrick Styles  
Nominees: Holly Cunningham, Phoebe Codona
Holly, Phoebe
Freedom to do lots of different things, what project would you do?
Meeting Ended 2125 09/03/2016

Committee Meeting 24.02.16

posted 10 Mar 2016, 12:08 by Canoe St Andrews

STAUCC Meeting 24.02.16

Present: JA, AP, R, FL, BP,TC, SL, ES, HF, JM, GG, KHad

Apologies: AR, CM

Former glories 

 BUCS Slalom

 Stanley

o Well org,

o 20 points off 7th

o Enthusiastic 

o Good competitive and fun atmosphere

o Good

o Transport hiccup 

o BP chatted about 27th trip but need to sort out 27th trip

o Check transport as recent faff

 27th Trip

 New transport person at AU

 Captain Hugo always submits transport!

 Check on CMP that transport actually is booked 

 Finance update: 

 Transport booking 28th but should not be booked 

 AU budget

 Bras 

 Alps

o £2158.17

o Cheques to SSS £210

o Claims to put in

 Eg paddles 

o £125 quid from Sam Roberts

o ES to cancel transport

o SL handed it in

o Stressful

o -£7500

o Transport, development, pool, training

o No CM

o No venga

o JW car

 Keen to help

 Get Rory keen

o SL car but in Devon

 SL to pick up…

o AP to meet ½ way

o James McMahon 

 Could come with us

o Possibly Wales… but hopeful

 Rule Sponsorship 

o TC naw

 PlayerLayer

o Meeting with PlayerLayer RR

 Pool sesh Cupar

o Would be good before BUCS POLO

o AP to chase up CC KHad

 Div Polo

o Wait and see

 Decks

o BP to discuss with SL 

o SL to give BP money then BP buys it!

 Dates

o 27th Trip JM

 Solid 1 day tasty

 Chloe drive

 Venga

 BP chief

 N S R

o Mental

o Leave at 3pm – 1030pm

o Still one space

o Just sort out leaving times

 Not NSR

o AP book transport

o Not Etive

 23rd/24th March First Aid

o Possible development AP to ask

o £600 for 6 folk

o Put price on it

 9th April P in the Loch

o Enter

o Don’t want to clash with Ball

o Try to get BUCS full first 

 Aqua Ball

o Poll on Friends of St Andrews Canoe Club from AR

o First 2 weekends in April 

o Last Week before Spring Break launch party

 Dundee Sinners

o Didn’t come together this week

 Sinners

o Tonight


o OGM 

 Next week

 Tribal Challenges

 Start at ES’s House

 Thursday of next week 3rd March

o AGM 

 Canoe Across

 SCA focus club

 Easter Trip

 Environmental

 Last Week before Spring Break

 Club photo

 Thursday 10 March

 JM camera borrow from KHad

 Before AGM

 Prep Hand over doc ALL

 All on drive! 

 Change it please for your year

 Please have ready for next week

 Get it done 

 Need by AGM!

o RR is keen!

o Chat to Dre about it!

o Visit 14th March

o Strategic plans

 Any ideas talk to Dre! 

 HF to attend

o Last weekend in Spring Break

o AP point of contact 

o K burn or Beach Clean

o Beach clean! 

o Sub for sea sesh Wed 

o First week back 

o RR to org

o Chat so surf

Standing Items



 JM

 KHad

 AP 

o Boat shed left open

o Chat to Surf about leaving it open

o Some freshers can’t afford trips… 

o Might be the fact that SL has been so on top of pricing trips

o Poss AU fund

o Coaching?

o 2nd/3rd April 

o Polo coach

o Normal coach 

 RR

 HF

o Tell Pete to see if he can subsidise it all

o Dev for ref coach for polo

o Get your flatmate to pool next week (29th to 4th), Mon and Tues

o Cheap kit

o Beaters etc

o Same logo as normal 

o Ask AU and PlayerLayer first

o Ask Sarah Thompson

o Didn’t get team kit this year

o Summer Trip

 Chat to UHI in Perth

 KHad keen!

 And SL


Next meeting:

Week 7 at 1730 ish at the Rule

Committee Meeting 09.02.16

posted 10 Mar 2016, 12:07 by Canoe St Andrews

Present: HF, TC, JA, KHad, FL, BP, AP,SL,ES,GG, CM,JM

Applogies: RR

Former glories 

 SSS Polo

 Sunday Ericht trip

 Sinners

o Did well, 7th or 8th place, fabby

o Good

o Brutal

Standing Items

 Finance update

 Bra <|

 Beaters and calendars

 Last years calendar to Chrissy D’s charity

 Alps

 Venga roof rack

 Rule Sponsorship 

o £1158.71 in  bank currently 

o We are owed money by AU and membership and deposits

o £4052 if we chase up all money up 

o Good 

o HF to let surf know

o Poss pick up from Clair’s house if get enough

o £273 profit from calendars

o Calendars? 

 Discount sale? 

o KHad to email 

o Just Chrissy D’s car

o SL to chase up venga bus

o Poss James McM

o ES still on alps trip atm but wants out

o Keep chasing up AU about rack

o TC to check JP about contract poss negotiate asap

Upcoming Dates

 BUCS Slalom

 20-21 Feb 2 star

 River Trip 21st  Feb

o AU red seats and venga bus rack

o BP and ES check doc on drive

o Transport by end of the week

o Int trip ¾

 27th  Feb 

 Big breakfast 28th 

 5, 6 March NSR

o Beginner Trip

o JM and HF

o Just bash down some knar 

o Stanley, Dee, Tully

o CHECK 28th!!!!!!! CM!!!!!!!

o For RNLI CM keen

o Book transport

o Sort Who is in each car?

o Group costume 

o Christmas themed 

 Not NSR Etive Trip


 Div Polo

 Pool sessions 

 Cupar pool sessions

 P in the Loch 

 BP  and FL

 Clothes update

 Player layer 

o Not annoyed at us but still pulling out

o Not paying them

o Mix it up

o Games 

o Poss regular slot?

o AP check with Pete if poss

o Cold 

o Folk love polo atm 

o Practise for BUCS 

o KHad to org

o Decks

o £28 each, keyhole big decks

o Waist sizes, 4 keyholes, 2 big

o 2 small 

o Check with player layer about tees then get it from other company as it is 


o Keep same logo as beaters 

o RR and JM to work together on it 

o Just keep generic personalisation. 

o Poss rule on sleeve for extra sponsorship JM

o Poss performance gear next year

o Thermals

o Fleeces

o Rash vests 

o Board shorts 

 AU Budgeting System 

 Trasnport, Gear, Development 

 Membership, trip fees 

 Safety 

 Dre: Proliferate knowledge

 Aqua ball dates

o AU treasurer 

 Budget for everything for next year

 Outgoings: 

 Incomings:

 Ensure that kit budget stays separate as we payed into it.

 By 22nd of Feb

o Ladder

o Just buy ladder

o Awareness of trips

o Ask to keep white board at pub

o Talk and message folk directly 

o Old Course 

o Launch night 

[Exeunt: Khad, CM]

 Social with the DUNDEE crew

 Keep First Aid Course in Weekly Email

o Sinaars?

o JA!


 JM:

 ES

 AP

o Polls good on leaders group 

o Add new folk to leaders page

o Bring you flat mate to pool

Next meeting:

23/02/2016 at 1730 at the Rule

Committee Meeting 26.01.16

posted 10 Mar 2016, 12:06 by Canoe St Andrews

StAUCC Committee Meeting – 26/01/2016

Present: HF, ES, CM, FL, RR, GG, KHad, JM, SL, BP, JM

Apologies: AR, TC, AP

 Former Glories 

o Last semester was good, cheers to all and all not here, TC, AA, AP 

o Mini preseason tasty

o Burns night was great

o Finance update

o Meeting times 

o Pool sessions

o Sea sessions – BP well keen, can folk get C2 (duo)

 About £2500

 1730 on Mondays

o Alps 

o CM – Full role now

o Dre’s calendar looks good

o New paddles look good

 Poll JM 

 Posts JM

 Cars

 Jon Wyles 

 Chrissy D is keen but does his own thing after

 Send emails to everyone we know for cars for nest meeting 

 Beater/ calendar

 Decent, getting them shifted

 Weekly email JA

 Mark up and length

 Add to inventory on drive FL and BP

 Upcoming Dates

o SSS POLO – good to go! 

o Possible Grandtully AP Sunday 7th

o Possible harbour training

o BUCS Slalom 

 15 to 17 going

o NSR 

 30 folk

 Bike locks for boats on roof

 Accommodation £15 per head per night

 18 folk 

 2 cars 

 Need to book

 VENGA and something else

 Agenda 

o Anti NSR trip AP 

o Pub sessions - Rule opens next Friday (5th) 

o TC and AR mad sinners plans 

 House party pre sesh in town would be ideal

 Refreshers fair 1030 till 1630

 Who is keen:

o HF, JM, 

o Possible on Canoe Club Group poll HF – morning, afternoon 

whole day

o Banner, leaflets

o Poster JM socials and training times poss blow up flier 

o In Union

o ES make wee event on the fb for give it a go on Wed 

following refreshers fair (3rd)

o AU driving tests 

 Merlin and Alex

 Need to get membership

 FL and Marcus keen

o Bras – CM

o Pub quiz – CM, AR, TC 

o Article in Saint

o Div Polo

o Aqua Ball in Apr 

o River Trip Update

o First Aid  - 22 and 23 MARCH Spring Break 

 Do it yolo

 Drop off on a trip

 Chat to other clubs

 Sponsored prize

 All money 50/50 charity fundraising

 Raffle good prizes

 JM take a look ideally by end of week

 See semester 1 report from HF

 No team in this year 

 Not allowed in Div 4

 Can’t make Div 3

 Charging us £180 for dropping out

 Do one email then leave it

 Next year cut div 4 

 Next year negotiate with SCA to get dates sorted 

 Keep friendlies on the books tough

 Get Dates Sorted ASAP for alumni  

 Not many up but other stuff on the way

o George Fell

o Weekly Email Blurb


o ES

o CM

o FL

 Decks, get new ones or folk buy their own 

 Possibly buy no more than 5 decks

 Back rests fixed up now after mini preseason 

o RR

 Freshers Box

 Posters, stickers

 What to do with it?

 Just keep for now

o GG

o KHad 

 Can get non customised kit in online shop

 RR look in to customisation via email 

 RR look into cheap kit eg Canoe St Andrews

 RR Email AU about Team Kit eg rash vests for competing

o SL 

 Finance update 

 £2565.25

 £1000 owed by members in trip fees

 Need to get KHad on internet banking 

 NSR £1060 possibly second deposit as trip is notorious for folk not 


 Online Shop for deposits is tasty but no cash from AU yet SL to check

 Transport

o SL to ask for breakdown then apply for REALLOCATION 

Next meeting 8th (MONDAY!) of Feb 1730 at THE RULE

Committee Meeting 10.11.15

posted 10 Mar 2016, 12:05 by Canoe St Andrews




Absent gave reason: JP, ES

 4* Good

 Adrenaline Ball Good but…

 Finance 

 Online Shop

 Last weekend “alumni” trip

 Cambo

 Blog 

 Clothed calendar

o Bouncer was late, try and get money back

o £1000 equipment fund

o Sent out trip fees 

o £5000 in account

o Chrissy D owned

o Folder in inbox, leave unread of SL

 JA to add to minutes

o Condition for trip: pay deposit first

o Could all members pay deposits for trip

o Get photos to AA

o 18th of Nov

 AU car as if any more can shuttle

 Ordering bat / bird boxes tonight

o GG  - send to JA 

o Academic calendar?

Upcoming Dates 

 Beginner trip Sunday (15/10/15)

 Free car Saturday (14/10/15), gnar? 


 Club day in

o 28th Nov

o Films 

 AA’s Projector

o Board games

o Mattress fort

o Beeriocart

o  Rock band 

o Kitty? 

 Christmas Dinner 

o 1 Under would do a £16.95 a head; free wine and 3 course

 AA and TC  to help with Kitty

 TC to negotiate with Rule, afterparty at Rule?

 Check 1 Under can make our date of 3rd of Nov

 C2

o Naw pal

o Work with CDuo and try to get everyone keen 

o Invest time in CDuo

o Should get one in time

 Kit 

o Paddles 

 Perhaps a cheaper one

 30% off

 Paddles - £28 each for 10 

o 4*194,3*197,3*200

 Other folk can get their own at the same time, chat 

to BP 

 Do orders separately if poss

o Back rests 

o Gear officers 

 FL

 Strap them up

 Review boats which have issues 

 Bazooka has lost its footrests

 Loose in a private boat 

 Could BP get to sea at 1 pm

 Poll for sea session and pool

o JM

 Christmas Trip

o 20th/21st December 

 AA and RR  to sort trip

 Gnar?

 Hostel/ camping?

 Send JA blurb for email

 Canoe Across Scotland:

o With STAAG

o Charity 

 Organise 

 Food

 Canoes rented 

 3 days paddling flat 

o Canoe getting involved: 

o Transport

 Could be minimally involved

 Could Just put forward experienced person who can canoe,

 Canoe members as Guides 

 Or 50/50 split

 Don’t get AU vehicles, just get train 


 AA

o Paddy

 Any rain

 KBurn

o Fb

 TC

 Khad 

 SL

o Last committee meeting 

 Clair and AA swap position 

o Beaters 

 £10 each 

 MS Scotland

 In Dundee

 Could get them on a trip

o Calendar 

 Harwell to send picks  to AA

o Don’t put spey decks on boats 

o Naked photo Monday 16th at Rule 

o Ticketed event in pub house party instead 

 SL is keen

 JM don’t advertise pub

 FB event 

 Weekly Email 

 Batman

o Rule 

 Enough food 

o Preseason in Jan

 Dev! 

o Polo

 Dates overlap so want to drop back to div 4 


 Drop out 

o Operation Christmas Child Charity Box

 Collection at SL’s

o Alps 

 No reply though

 Chat to ES about drivers 

 Get email out 

 JA 

o Weekly Email PwC quiz

 AP

o Nope

 JM

o Incident

 Ankle hurt twice

 Taken to hospital

 Disappointed by hotel staff

 Pressured by hotel staff not to call an ambulance 

 Rude, patronising, unhelpful and poor service 

 TC to complain about incident and lack of security 

o In hindsight was wrong call

o What do we want to do as a club?

o JM to send email to TC about incident

o Other people involved could also send emails to add pressure. 

Next meeting 24 Nov at 1800 at Rule

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