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10th of May 2011

posted 8 Nov 2011, 13:35 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 8 Nov 2011, 13:35 ]

Committee meeting 10th of May 2011 

Present: Jamie Dick, Kirstie Macmillan, Camille Hayes, Jon Harwell, Calum Fisher, Amy Kincaid, Sarah Duley, James McMahon, Micah Snell, Rebecca Smith, Patrick Jenner

Missing- Izzie Tween

 Meeting opened: 17.04pm ended: 17.35pm


26th/30th May – Summer trip

29th May – Last Div 2 match

11-18th Sept – Pre-Season

19-25th Sept – Fresher’s week

19th Sept – Next committee meeting time tbc


·         Kukri Stash

-          JD has meeting tomorrow at 11.30am

-          Possibly send in an order for the before end of the semester, like water polo (takes 8 weeks to get the stuff)

-          Order bulk of stash, as long as it’s good, which it will be, people will buy it.

-          Colour/styles same as last year AU decides

-          Colour Jackets etc will be optional


·         Freshers’ Week

-          Cook up ideas

-          Water balloons?

-          Monday of Freshers’ week meeting for discussing plans (flyering etc)

-          Surf sessions Weds and Fri + BBQing (both days – Micah keen for some smoking J) have 2,3,4pm slots as per

-          AU club guide done – Proof will be sent to check it through

-          Add film night in – maybe make it an informal thing though, i.e. at someone’s house instead

-          Thurs night too late after pool for film so Fri instead

-          Union guide? Sarah trying to remember how they did it last year

-          Good cause the other clubs don’t really think to do it.

-          Piece on STAR as well as trying to get article in The Saint

-          Obnoxious socials, e.g. pub crawl, maybe best kept for after they’ve paid their membership, i.e. week 1 or 2, to be advertised in first weekly email of the year


·         Beginner/Sub-honours reps

-          Changing constitution

-          Feel that esp beginner’s role would be better if elected at AGM... so that their job (having experienced being a beginner @ StA) would have more focus, i.e. main job at first would be helping with freshers (+freshers’ trip)

-          So, in the mean time  (can’t change constitution till AGM) give the new members a more defined role, e.g. organise 2 beg trips per semester, or help organise events like Xmas meal


·         Development

-          Amy’s plan, need to book courses ASAP

-          Sem1 – 2*, 3* Kayak, poss 4* assessment (or Sem 2)

-          Sem2 – Level 1 +FSRT, WWSR, AWWSR,

-          Indvl – 5 Star, level 2

-          Haven’t heard back from Debby re. Funding

-          Booking courses indvlly + getting funding from AU = hard, better if ask before booking


·         Kit

-          Micah= lots of time over the summer

-          Would like to spend some of it fixing things

-          Email him to tell him what you want him to fix (e.g. sex bolts)

-          Get a notebook for next yr in BS for keeping track of things that want fixing


·         Safety

-          Calum would like an up to date inventory, has been being updated on google docs


·         Wet West Paddlefest

-          Not everyone can go

-          Number of committee members allowed to go tbc, lottery to be drawn for those keen


·         Thursday

-          Fun pool session (not safety) i.e. races, mini Olympics, games etc.

-          Paper @ pub for what people have enjoyed, want more of next year, think should be changed etc. To be in w.e. online copy


Next Meeting: Monday 19th Sept of Fresher’s week