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posted 3 Nov 2010, 17:44 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 3 Nov 2010, 17:48 ]

St Andrews University Canoe Club 

Minutes from Committee Meeting 


Present:  Sarah Duley, Jamie Dick, Patrick Jenner, Calum Fisher, James McMahon, Craig Burns, Issy Sloman, Sean Dugan, Tom Innes, Emma Cottell, Andrew Adam, Johnny Hawkins 

Meeting opened: 18.20pm 

Previous Action Plan

    • Patrick still to look into Alumni fundraising.
    • Tom still to acquire car seat invoice
    • First aid kit inventory has been done by Craig
      • 2 are missing
      • 2 to be made up by next meeting


    • EGM will be on Thursday 21st Oct
    • Tay Descent fully organised – Patrick
    • Div 2 Polo – 1630, 31st Oct
    • Craig to organise an intermediate trip for that day too
    • Emma organising a beginner trip on Saturday 30th


    • Pool sessions – concerns over lack of structure. Ideas to remedy this include:
      • Polo boats to be distributed around the pool to start, though people can play whilst others arrive
      • BAs handed out to coaches and the session starts at a specified moment, with beginners in groups with a boat/coach
      • Freshers divided evenly
      • Group system for playboating/C1?
      • Possibility of taking one polo boat to the shed and leaving an I3 up there?
    • Alps costs still need to be sorted out due to standard Sam faffage.
    • Boatshed disclaimer – to be updated by Tom/Sean and sent back to Jamie for distribution.
      • Inclusion of paddles/other gear. 


    • Club accounts are now shared on Google docs
    • Sponsorship & Club CV –document to send out to potential sponsors/anyone relevant
      • Photos, videos and press releases
      • Sponsorship could be for clothing, stickers on boats or other.
      • Selling points for this would be our high membership and the exposure at competitions
      • Calum in charge, Andrew and Sean helping
    • Scrapbook
      • Old memories of the club as far back as we can go
      • “Friendly and banterous”
      • Potential to sell it to alumni wishing to re-engage with the club.
      • Set up a website section for alumni?
      • Jamie to look through old club records for material


    • 5th November – Polo friendly against Edinburgh followed by fireworks and night out? Patrick to co-ordinate (Clash with Jonny’s sea trip – see below)
    • Non-matriculated members
      • Fine with committee and according to AU guidelines
      • Not able to attend Sports Centre activities
      • Had contact from Dundee based people about joining – do we want complete randoms in the club or do they need some Uni connection?


      • Event being planned for Wednesday 27th. Pub crawl with some theme, to be put in weekly email.


    • Olaf still coming despite us being the only venue left!
      • Jonny in control of the situation
      • EUCC, DUCC and SUCC coming?
      • Potential for a mass trip on the next day…
    • Club Tent
      • Kirstie’s leaks
      • Jonny to look for a cheapish, 6-8 person tent on ebay, £50 max
    • Sea kayaking trip – Friday 5th to Wednesday 10th Nov
      • Intermed/Advanced trip
      • Oban/West Coast


    • Naked Calendar
      • Decision to retain the money – the club needs it
      • Enough outreach is done anyway
      • Andrew wants volunteers for  the design/production (weekly email)
    • Schools project
      • Ticking over gently
      • Plan to visit school assemblies and talk about river safety/paddling
      • To be done in conjunction with SDSoc?


    • Trip form re-developed
    • 2 star in Anstruther going ahead.
    • L1 coaches keen for Wednesday sessions – James finalising
    • 4 star training 13th/14th Nov – James finding potential paddlers
    • L2 training booked
    • 4 star Canoe over Raisin weekend – Jonny/Sean potentially keen
    • Extra throwbags are needed
      • Need to recover 2 that are in the Castle
      • Buy 2 more anyway at the Perth Show
    • Tails for boats – Craig to email AU about getting this paid for under the safety budget.
    • Red 30L drybag to be purchased at Perth for a First Aid kit.
    • Yoga 1-2pm Tuesdays – Sarah to email Debbie about getting this continued
    • DanceSoc taster session – should we charge them for it?
      • Sarah to contact DanceSoc
      • Potential for an AU wide set of sessions for other committees


    • Strength – Tuesday evening sessions? Sarah to email the AU about availability
    • Paddle from Ace Adventures – Tom to find out if they are at Perth Show – if not then we can hand it back whenever we are next up.
    • Emma’s last meeting on the committee - thanks for a great year!
    • Club clothing – We should get on it soon as Orion are slooooow.
      • Think about sponsorship possibilities for clothing.
    • Patrick and Jamie to try and work out how old the club is…

Meeting closed: 19.40pm 

Next meeting: Tuesday 2nd November– 6pm

Canoe St Andrews,
3 Nov 2010, 17:48