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posted 21 Apr 2016, 07:59 by Canoe St Andrews

StAUCC Committee Minutes

Date:  19.04.16

Time: 1730

Location: The Rule

Present: Khad, JAxe, EW, CP, AT, SL, CJ, SC, JM, AP

Late: GG (1806)

Apologies: HC, CJ, (AP (away for extended period))


Former glories

·         BUCS Polo

o   Huge success, great parties

·         Aqua Ball

o   All fine

·         Polo practice

o   v. successful

o   Pleased w/ coach

·         Nesk River Race

o   AP 3rd in Iron Man


Upcoming dates

·         Sam's Trip

o   Date: likely Friday

o   Tummel?

o   Some beginners:

§  Amy, Bronte, Alycia…

o   Leaders:

§  Sarah, JM, EW, BP, Stratts?

o   Drivers:

§  2 or 3? Hugo?

·         Geog. beach clean next Wed (27th)

o   During Sea Session

o   Shed clean too?

o   1600: leaders to help w/ geog. dept

·         End of year bonfire: 19th May

o   Wood sourced

o   People to publicise

·         End of year awards

o   Committee to head up Google form

o   Start thread on page to update awards!

·         Summer trip: 20th-23rd

o   4 drivers sorted

o   Get as many canoes as possible!

o   Everyone publicise


Standing Items

·         Finance update

o   All coaching paid for

o   Still need to finish pricing up: BUCS Polo & Dre's Weekend

o   LOTS owed in club debt

o   Cheque to clear to hostel

·         Gear - inventory

o   Get it done

·         Club photo

o   Buy them!!

o   Before tomorrow

·         Sinners

o   Tickets sorted

o   Tai's house for pres



·         Freshers' Trip

o   24th-25th Sept.

o   People to organise?

§  GG, HC & BP?

·         Leaders' Trip

o   16th-17th Sept.

o   Patrick to organise

§  Under guidance of KH!!!

·         (Let the record show that KH will slap him if he pulls any funny business)

·         Keys for town boat club?

o   No.

·         Freshers Fayre BBQ

o   JM to organise

§  Email Elaine & Sarah Thompson

·         End of year feedback forms

o   Googe form format

o   JM to organise

o   Generic questions

§  Why joined, what you like, etc. etc.



·         JAxe

o   We bought a boat!

§  Burn II, £175 used. Amazing bargain.

§  Has already been christened 'Pumpkin'

·         AT

o   We bought Twister!

·         SL

o   May Dip!

§  Flat crawl

·         Beggining at EW's flat

·         Ending at Tai's

§  Trip the day before

§  Bonfire in the morning?

§  Food & booze kitty

·         Sam to sort?

·         BP

o   Naked photos on trips

·         EW

o   Don't promise trip costs beforehand

o   Playerlayer stuff isn't great

§  EW & CP going to have another meeting to sort it out

§  Club onesies?

o   Khad to email Jasmine about the hats

·         CP

o   Sponsorship meeting w/ Rule

§  Hopefully next week

o   Club Snapchat?

§  Also CJ mentioned revamping Club Twitter & introducing Instagram

·         KHad

o   Let's buy more straps!

§  JAxe & BP to sort

·         Also more airbags

·         Make sure to go through EW



Meeting ended: 1818

Next meeting: 03.05.16, @ 1730